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  • vienne

    Hi everyone,

    I need help locating issues of the following magazines:

    J. H. Paton's The World's Hope [1882-1916] We have some issues but our research collection is sparse.

    A. D. Jones' Zion's Day Star, later as Day Star. [1882-1886?] We have one issue. Some are in the Library of Congress but are, we're told, too fragile to copy. I can't afford the trip to view and photograph.

    A. P. Adams' The Spirit of the Word. [1885-?] We have four years. They're marginally helpful, but we lack key years.

    The Millennarian. Some issues at Columbia University. We can't afford the copy fee. If you live nearby and want to view them, I'd give you guidance on key issues.

    H. B. Rice's The Last Trump [About six issues in 1878; revived as a local sheet about 1900] no known copies.

    As we wind up volume 2 of Separate Identity and move on to volume 3, we will need these desperately.


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