Dedicated to God can be withdrawn!!!!!

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  • megabyte_vijay

    Jehovah's Witnesses officials always tells that once we dedicated our lives to God, we need to do his will till the 'end' of the system or end of our life.. and they always quote the scripture Eccl 5:5.

    Then, what about the properties worldwide? Kingdom halls, buildings in New York 97Columbia heights, Hotel Margaret, Head Quarter Buildings in Brooklyn and many properties once they dedicated to God but now they are freely selling the properties. Once dedicated to God, the properties became God's.

    If we consider Samson's example, Judges 13:5 stating about Samson that "No razor shall come on his head;

    what happened when Delilah Shaven his head? Judges 16:19 stating that his strength went from him..

    Yes, witnesses unfortunately gaining large profits and living luxurious life by selling dedicated properties on God.

    What happened when Nebuchadnezzar taken out the God's vessels from Jerusalem's temple? Daniel 5th Chapter.

    Remember witnesses, God is unchanged. You will definitely get punishment

  • just fine
    just fine
    For all the times I have been threatened with the wrath of God it's never happened. So saying "God is unchanged. You will get your punishment." means nothing. The Witnesses will get no punishment from God. They might get punishment from governments and people of this world that they have inflicted harm upon, but God, no.

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