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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    We decided to add the graphic showing my name and position so that you are all made aware that I'm a big cheese among Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I'd like to tell you a little about myself. For example, I'm not backward about being forward! I say it like I see it. So when I made a speech against wearing tight pants some thought I'd be deleted from the Governing Body! Nope! No chance! We're unified. That's why we show exemplary brothers in the Watchtower wearing regular pants. So what I say goes! The other reason I'm still here is because we learn from the past. When we got rid of a Governing Body member in the past, he ended up writing two books about us. So we're not keen on the internecine scenarios that those apostates blog about! We don't give up on each other, see!

    So when you're at the don't give up convention you'd better not give up either. Don't give up venerating us, recruiting more members, and most of all, don't give up giving us your money! You've been told!

    Just look at how I benefit from your giving us money. I'm sartorial in every way and not shy about saying so. Look at how much I've widened out with the help of your money. Yes! I really do eat well at your expense. I'm really happy receiving all this. I know you're even happier giving! Not one of the Governing Body is underweight! We're all a good size!

    We're busy too. We like to supervise others and give the nod to watchtower articles which tell you how to live your lives. After all, we're shepherds and you all are just sheep. That's what we're supposed to do! Just be obedient to us and you'll be OK.

    Don't listen to those who say that you are followers of men. If you do then you're spiritually weak as you're listening to apostates! As president Trump would say - "they're losers"! Like us, president Trump is a good size and sartorial too. But that's as far as it goes as the Governing Body is politically neutral. This means that we only govern you sheep. The governments govern the others. The others vote. But we're neutral and don't vote. Anyways - you all are just sheep and governed by us so you don't need to vote. We have that in common with those middle Eastern countries - many of them don't vote and they're OK. So not voting is nothing new. Anyways - you all are just sheep so I don't know why I bother to explain this.

    Just go to meetings, give money, recruit more sheep and you'll be OK! I said so! You got to listen to us shepherds! You got to be loyal! You got to be obedient! Just saying!

  • freddo

    Oh yeah and don't stay in your comfort zone or go after material things and support the brothers in your congregation by "reaching out" like we said in the Watchtower today.

    Don't take a better job and go for a comfortable life. The Governing Body loves you, remember!

  • Dreamerdude

    And if you feel the need to confirm any of the things I just said, ask my brother. If you hear him answer, let me know. But only if you have a penis. We might call you to Bethel to replace Sammy or Gerry 'cause they're getting old. If we pick you to join the shepherd club, we'll fit you for designer suits and bling, so you can Lord it over the sheep too.

  • Finkelstein

    In the social arena of the GB stupidity is accepted because that person after all is a GB member and probably anointed as well.

    He speaks of power so when Morris came out ostracizing men who wear tight pants, all other GB probably just nodded their heads in agreement.

    Yes we must stop are brothers wearing tight pants when they are out in service , it brings reproach onto Jehovah's organization.

    Like this was becoming a real problem with JWs men. ???

    Morris probably saw one brother who pants were a little tighter that usual which may have accentuated a larger penis than his own which may have shown through.

    Well old Morris got visibly disturbed, so he had to come out and write an article about it..

    Brothers all over the planet are wearing tight pants which shows their healthy physical stature , unlike his own which is fat flabby and he lost a lot of his hair too.

    Reminds me of an Elder in my old Hall who carefully scrutinized the younger males to see if they had any hair over their ears. he was a guy in 60's and lost most of his hair himself, so he wasn't feeling too confident around these guys.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great! Love it!

    Only thing is, I am sure that ToMo3 wouldn't know what some of those words actually mean. (He is not too bright we know)



    Doubt he has even heard of those words...

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