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  • OrphanCrow

    Found on this site here:

    For the low price of $3500, you can own this lovely instrument:

    ORREN V. HEATH 1937 AMERICAN VIOLIN NO. 68 FORT WAYNE: Lifton leather case, 2 bows (Used)

    This Orren, V. Heath is an American made violin dating from 1937. The maker was based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and made only 79 pieces total in his violinmaking career. This piece bearing the makers label is numbered 68. It has a two-piece maple back of narrow curl, the ribs and scroll of medium curl, the spruce top of fine to medium grain, the varnish of red color. This is a characteristic example of the maker’s work. Heath was self-taught, which makes the work even more interesting for its high degree of professional concept, execution and finish. The oil varnish was also his own, and has met with the same fate as many from the era of experimentation in oil varnish formulas by American makers, which is the surface checking, most pronounced in the upper back. Pattern is after Stradivari, modified somewhat with wider dimensions in the upper bouts.
    The violin is in good condition overall
    In the summer of 2016 this violin was professionally appraised for value as well as some restoration - new strings, new bridge, adjustment of sound post and the like.

    I am a bit curious about this instrument.

    Is it something that was left in an estate for the org? Who is this Heath person who built the violin? Any relation to "The" Heaths from back in the day when Rutherford was schmoozing with the Coca-Cola Heaths?

  • jwleaks

    The selling of a fiddle makes sense. Many a Bethelite brother has given into the temptation of playing with his fiddle with or without a pillow being present. Best get rid of anything that can lead to porneia.

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  • darkspilver
  • Listener

    I wondered if it was the beautiful violin they used in their 2016 Paradise video but the one they are selling looks more worn. (2.58)

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    Albert and Paul Knorr were also renowned violin craftsmen.

    Could there be a connection to Nathan Homer Knorr?

  • ttdtt

    Listener - no that was just Stock Footage they bought. The did not shoot that video.

  • Drearyweather
    Listener - no that was just Stock Footage they bought. The did not shoot that video

    I think they only bought the music in the video, not the video

  • Listener

    ttdtt - The part where the girl carrying the violin through the field at 2.51 was but don't think the next part where a girl passes a violin to the boy is, the girl has a different dress on.

    Some of the video is Stock Footage that they bought. You can see a copyright mark along the right hand side towards the bottom where stock footage has been used.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I don't know enough about makers to tell if 3500 is a lot or not. They have a really nice recording studio ( I hear), so I'm sure they have tome good instruments. However, every serious violinist has their own instrument.

    I paid about 7000 for mine, and I' definitely an amateur

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