Anyone lose family over politicas?

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  • mickbobcat

    I have two brothers who are never Trumpers. They can not get past that the guy is a bit obnoxious. I have argued and argued that forget that he is a bit of misogynist and crude. That is just the way the man is. What he has done and what the Dems want to do. The Dems want open boarders, men who ID as Women to take a shower or pee with your daughter, Felons to vote, Illegals to flood in and destroy the country, ban guns, Ban free speech if its not in line with their way of thinking. Sure Trump is crude but he does what he said he was going to do. If anyone agrees with a politician 100 percent of the time they need mental help. If you actually think for yourself you are not going to agree with anyone 100 percent of the time. I ended up blocking my Brothers from my phone and social media. I may calm down bu they are being so stupid. My one brother works at a factory that makes paint, he lives from hand to mouth. When my father was dying he knew I had legal authority over the estate until his death. He would call me with all I was dealing with and ask for house payment money. He never went without on his video games. Yes he is a 40 something man child who does not do drugs or alcohol but is as hooked on video games as anyone can be. His attitude is ban guns who cares about the second amendment but don't touch my video games. He will get thousands of dollars every year tax credit back and never saves enough to fix his basement form leaking. I was in the trades for years and have some ideas how to stop the issue from pouring cement and putting in a sump pump to an over hang to run some of the water away. He never can save out 2 grand for the material. I was going to do the work for free. He sent me a black text for black out Tuesday and I asked him is he was now a hood rat. He got all ticked off. LOL I don't want to lose family but I also can not stand people who are so ignorant. Anyone else have these issues or similar?

  • lriddle80
    I have definitely seen the tension and there has been some arguing. What I don't understand is why people think a government is going to create a utopia. So, if a person is an atheist, then all the hope they have is in a political system?

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