Mormon judicial committee

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    Wow, so many similarities between Mormon speak & JW speak - it's hard to tell them apart:

    "Because of the personal nature of church disciplinary matters and to respect the privacy of those involved, the church does not provide information about the proceedings."
    "Church disciplinary councils are not held to punish wayward members but to help them return to harmony with the church and its leaders."
    "We condemn any inappropriate behavior or abuse regardless of where or when it occurs," said a church spokeswoman who received the books from Young. "Local church leaders are provided with instructions regarding youth interviews and are expected to review and follow them."

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  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, I have heard so many of the podcasts talking about this:

    Friendly Atheist

    How to Heretic

    Thank God Im atheist


    It is simply inappropriate! Im so happy that reputable news outlets have highlighted this practice

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