Can't do toasts

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  • Xanthippe

    I just phoned my cousin who's never been a JW. Last week she went with her son-in-law and my JW sister for a meal after planting a tree at her daughter's grave. She said when my sister was dropped off at her house her husband said you do know she can't have toast. She knew my sister doesn't eat meat but she thought it was odd. Anyway he said no she can't do a toast when you go for a meal. Why on earth he thought they have a toast after visiting a grave I don't know.

    Anyway my cousin thought this 'new' belief was really weird. I told her it has always been a no-no. We couldn't have a toast at our wedding. She thinks all theses rules are crazy. I told her the nonJW husband in a couple who came to my wedding gave us a present to be opened on our honeymoon. It was a piece of toast with a card saying 'a toast to the bride and groom'. I think now he was making a point that it was a silly belief and trying to make us realise we were in a cult. Wish we'd listened then.

    My cousin says it's her dearest wish to see me and my sister get back together. Mine too.

  • Listener

    It's very strange that her husband had to let your cousin know this. It's as if he was dropping one of his children off and had to let your cousin know the rules.

    I think it was very nice of your cousin to express a heartfelt wish to see you and your sister back together again.

  • moomanchu

    ein (a) prosit (toast)

    This song sends JW's into shock.

  • Xanthippe

    Yes Listener he was fussing over her as if she's a child so my cousin said. It is lovely that my cousin wants us to get back together, it's just that my sister acts like I died.

    I did drop her a note years ago after our parents died asking if she'd like to go for coffee but she had to consult her husband and he decided if might stumble someone. For 'stumble' read someone might tell the elders and he might lose his MS position.

  • stillin

    I proposed a toast at the dinner preceding my son's wedding. There were a couple of witnesses at the table and they didn't join in, even though I never asked the gods to look after the newlyweds.

    Toasting is just another harmless thing that the Witnesses can feel " special" about.

  • scratchme1010

    I think he's being a little childish and disrespectful. At the end of the day, as nonsensical as the JW believes and practices are, they are to be respected. I have no respect for the WT organization and if it was up to me they wouldn't exist, but that behavior does nothing other than make the JW feel bad, as if the WT doesn't already do a great job at it.

    That wasn't nice.

  • DesirousOfChange

    She thinks all theses rules are crazy.

    She is correct. Why were we so S-L-O-W about seeing that? . . . . Doc

  • Ding

    All these rules serve several purposes:

    1. They make JWs feel more knowledgeable than everyone else.

    2. They make JWs feel more righteous than everyone else.

    3. They make JWs feel more spiritual than everyone else.

    4. They drive a wedge between JWs and everyone else.

    5. They make JWs feel persecuted whenever anyone breaks one of the WT taboos.

  • Xanthippe

    Doc don't know why I was so slow to realise all these hundreds of ridiculous rules are the sign of a cult.

    Ding you're so right, making people so self righteous and weird by a strange lifestyle isolates all their friends and family when they join the religion and is a sure way to keep them trapped in a cult.

  • Carol1111

    Jesus clearly enjoyed his food and drink, including wine.

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