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  • Iamallcool

    Are the dubs still going to the meetings?

  • Wakanda

    They are using zoom or phoning in. Sometimes they all listen to JWStream, sometimes a small group holds a meeting, sometimes it is all on zoom, That way they can keep track of who is listening in or watching, just as a cult would. The phone in lines keep track of the time people come on and off to the minute, and they keep that data for months if not longer. Some elders are telling people they need to keep their camera on on zoom, and they are not allowed to eat or drink, and of course they need to dress up. It is high controlling, just like a cult. hmmmm.....

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    So far the shepherds have not called. The meeting didn't address shopping for elderly, checking on them, or the job losses. They however did hammer on you better be wearing a tie. Brother thick accent will do the memorial.

  • Smiles

    Good catch, rtn. No hypocrisy there!


    JWs are attending more meetings now than ever before covid19.

    Video-conferencing mania!

    Watch Tower gave instructions that JW elders maintain regular contact with the flock in addition to the weekly video-conferencing meetings. That means live video shepherding, weekly, if possible.

  • smiddy3

    With all of the control their enforcing now just think what it would be like in a so called paradise earth with the GB in control ?

    It would be worse than being in a concentration camp ! Further ,it would be worse than anything 1984 came up with ..

  • hoser

    Where I live we are supposed to watch the memorial. We have zoom. One of my friends live in a different part of the country and they are having publishers(some of them elderly) going out and about buying the emblems to celebrate the memorial at home by themselves.

  • BluesBrother

    We took pleasure in advising a know-all elder that having emblems was not necessary if no one is anointed.. That info and the WT ref I learned from this board.

    The JW website said ,on the day,they would put up a video of a memorial service you could see . It occurred to us though that if they do it after sundown in New York it will be the middle of the night around here. I suppose very early next morning would do, but neither is good.

    Perhaps Sis. Blues will be more used to using zoom by then and the local meeting will be o k....

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    "Loving elders" are instructed by the Borg to contact inactive ones (ex-JW's!) to invite them to sign up for Zoom, because maybe they're now paranoid and "want to return to Jehovah."

    Thanks, but no thanks!

  • WTWizard

    Good thing I don't even have a web cam, let alone this zoom. And if I did, I would simply disable the thing during this event, or better yet, click on the upper right corner of the window during it. And if the hounders show up to get me to sign up for zoom (and coronavirus, while they are at it), I will simply decline--all in German (and I doubt any of them will understand it).

    Not to mention, what if they had to worry about, say, my having an asymptomatic case of Spanish flu and the ability to give them a severe case of it? Just as they are about to contract coronavirus on top of that. One more thing they should be worrying about. Do they know I don't already have the flu and am barely showing any symptoms? Or, what if I already happen to have coronavirus (from where I work) and am not yet showing symptoms, or never get any at all aside the ability to pass it on to the whole congregation through one idiot hounder? This is why it is stupid for them to visit people and invite them to waste food money on some useless technology that is going to do no good.

    Speaking of cost, how much does Zoom cost upfront and per month? What about the cameras you need to use for this? I wonder how many jars of peanut butter one could get with that money. Or bags of rice, bundle packs of toilet paper, canned soup and vegetables, bread or crackers, butter, cheese, pasta, and the spices needed to make this as much fun as it can be. Or, a few video games for that old Nintendo 3DS (for entertainment). If they are really going to get people into church on Easter this year, I would be expecting a huge number of new coronavirus cases during the following weeks.

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