Far fewer references to lesbians

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  • fulltimestudent

    Doug Mason: My only comment is that religion of every shade has difficulty with the subject of sexual activity, as if it were something that is not part of nature.

    That's certainly true Doug, but Christianity is likely to be the worst among all religions. Just think of the implications of Jude vs 23,
    " ... hate even the inner garment that has been stained by the flesh."
    It is possible the author of Jude, in writing those words, had Leviticus 15:16,17 in mind. That earlier text says that even getting semen on your skin makes you unclean.
    Christianity is at its happiest when sex is not mentioned at all.

  • millie210
    St George of England
    *** w61 12/15 p. 768 Questions From Readers ***
    Then if a girl understandingly takes care of herself while the ovum is at large and is causing sex disturbance and cravings within her, she will be able to act like a true lady of irreproachable morals at all times.

    No way!

    Did they really say "ovum at large"?

    They make it sound like a criminal on the lam. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heaven

    LOL @ Millie. Hey, at least we women don't lay an egg or more a day like a chicken. Could you imagine?!

  • millie210

    Yes Heaven - who knows what they would write about that if it were the case!

    OMG I am still laughing at that quote!

    Not to mention the sentence composition is appalling.

    What exactly is a sex disturbance as caused by an ovum?

  • B4Right
    They never mention women at all!! When you see pictures on the topic in the magazines- what do you see- usually a brother/men. Unless the Watchtower pages say it, is it safe to assume it!!!
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    What exactly is a sex disturbance as caused by an ovum?

    Whatever it is, a visit to Ann Summers should take care of it and you have the WT's blessing!


  • Vidiot

    @ St George...

    That old WT piece is both weird and progressive at the same time.


    For the record, I am of the opinion that women should feel free "take care of" themselves as often as they'd like...

    ...using as many techniques and accessories as possible...

    ...and let their partners watch...


    ...excuse me, I'll be right back...

  • Vidiot

    ...Aah, much better.

    Where were we?

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Thank you everyone for your fantastic comments to my initial post on this thread.

    I was very concerned at the way my post might have been construed, but I can tell you that I appreciate the positive way in which this subject has been approached.


  • Wonderment

    I think the WTS reflects American society quite a bit. In USA, it is common to focus on men when certain sensitive subjects are discussed.

    For example, when was the last time you saw a woman shown sitting in a toilet doing her physical need in a Hollywood movie? Certainly not as often as men! Some "funny" movies depict men farting as a hilarious act, but hardly ever does Hollywood show women doing so. Also, we may see more men than women on TV with hemorrhoids, stomach problems, burping, selling toilet paper, etc. The exception is with menstruation. Corporations can't resist pushing sanitary napkins to women to get their money. Generally, American society would prefer not offending women with "intimate" subjects before men.

    On sexuality, there was a time, decades ago, when many people thought that homosexuality was far more prevalent among the male sex. Masturbation was thought to be a "male" thing. If internet has taught us a thing, is that there is not as much difference between the sexes in sexuality as previously thought. Surveys on masturbation decades ago revealed that men practiced it far more than women did, so we were led to believe. But recently surveys show that the ratio of sexes engaging in masturbation and homosexual acts have been closing rapidly. Now is almost taken for granted that most people (whether men or women) masturbate, many with regularity.

    Lesbianism in the past have been kept hidden from the public far more often than male sexuality. But It was happening behind the public view. It should be noted that women are better at concealing their homosexual feelings than men are, just as they are better than men about ogling displays of the opposite sex. In fact, unlike many men who make it obvious they are gay by their behavior, it is often impossible to detect that some women are lesbians. Many men are unaware in many cases that their wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, etc. have lesbian tendencies.

    Internet is changing the panorama. As more women see others of the same sex doing the things they once thought they alone were doing, they are more inclined to come out in the open in admitting their tendencies. And it is happening.

    The Watchtower is buried in the past by regularly depicting men over women as homosexuals and masturbators. The WT leaders don't want their brothers going to the Kingdom Hall thinking that the sisters they meet with may be having lesbian tendencies. Neither do they want brothers having fantasies of their beloved spiritual sisters masturbating weekly before or after the meeting. Ouch!

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