Far fewer references to lesbians

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    I notice that while a search of the WT Library reveals many references to homosexuals, there are few references to lesbians.

    Does the WTS include women when it uses the term homosexual?

    When discussing masturbation, does it mention both sexes?

    I am asking out of pure ignorance, seeking clarification.

    My only comment is that religion of every shade has difficulty with the subject of sexual activity, as if it were something that is not part of nature.


  • GodZoo

    The term homosexual includes women too by the way.

    Dictionary definition.

    Sexually attracted to people of one's own sex.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Hi GodZoo,

    I understand the dictionary definition, but I am wondering whether the WTS manages the situation explicitly with that understanding. Perhaps it does; I am simply asking, especially when I see homosexual references being made to "tight pants" and "effeminate" behaviour.

    What "non-effeminate" behaviour by a woman does the WTS object to? "Loose pants"?


  • Phizzy

    In the letter about Tight pants you refer to, it objects as well to women with short, male style hair, I forget the precise wording.

    I think the G.B are vaguely aware of our lesbian friends, but like Queen Victoria, who asked "But what do they do in bed ?", have never explored this area of natural human sexuality, and condemn it equally with male homosexuality, but of course there is not a great number of bible verses they can refer to. Paul perhaps.

    I cannot recall them dealing specifically at any length with lesbianism.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Does the WTS include women when it uses the term homosexual? - I think so, yes.

    When discussing masturbation, does it mention both sexes? - IDK maybe, but seeing as how it is apparently more common among teenage boys than among teenage girls, WT focus is on boys.

    As the WT is little more than an old boy's club, homosexuality among males is given more attention. This is a reflection of WT homophobia, IMO.

  • GodZoo

    Since 1986 the term 'lesbianism' seems to have been used only 4 times in Watchtower literature and the term 'lesbian' 11 times.

    'Homosexual' 68 times.. and 'homosexuality' 142 times.

    So it seems they think the boys are at it more then the girls.

  • tiki
    Women don't have any importance in the patriarchal society other than keeping the blood lines going. I am rather amused though...having known several ladies of lesbos in the religion....all in varying states of denial....and hanging in there too year in and year out.
  • GodZoo

    The Org really has little faith in its men.. homosexuality is almost entirely used in a male context.. and even child abuse they believe is an entirely all male activity.

    On their website in an article on protecting children from sexual abuse the abuser is described as exclusively male using the term 'he' 18 times in just 4 paragraphs to describe the perpetrator.


    An abuser is likely to be too clever to use force on his victims. Rather, he may prefer to seduce children gradually. He begins by selecting a target, often a child who seems vulnerable and trusting, thus relatively easy to control. Next, he singles out that child for special attention. He may also try to win the trust of the child’s parents. Molesters are often expert at pretending to be sincerely interested in the child and the family.
    In time, the molester will begin grooming the child for abuse. He gradually becomes more physical with the child through innocent-looking displays of affection, playful wrestling, and tickling. He may give generous gifts and begin to separate the child from friends, siblings, and parents, in order to spend time alone with the child. At some point he may ask the child to keep some minor secret from the parents—perhaps a gift or plans for some future excursion. Such tactics set the stage for seduction. When the abuser has won the child’s trust and that of the parents, he is ready to make his move.
    Again, he is likely to be subtle about it rather than violent or forceful. He may exploit the child’s natural curiosity about sex, offering to act as a “teacher,” or he may suggest that they play a “special game” together that only they will know about. He may try exposing the child to pornography in order to make such behavior seem normal.
    If he succeeds in molesting the child, he is now eager to ensure that the child does not tell anyone about it. He may use a variety of tactics, including threats, blackmail, and blame, or perhaps a combination of these. For example, he may say: “It’s your fault. You didn’t tell me to stop.” He may add: “If you tell your parents, they’ll call the police and send me to jail forever.” Or he may say: “It’s our secret. If you tell, no one will believe you. If your parents ever do find out, I will hurt them.” There is no end to the devious and malicious tactics such individuals will try.

    Not a single she to be found.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Far fewer references to lesbians

    Damn - they're my favourite ones

  • DesirousOfChange

    Since 1986 the term 'lesbianism' seems to have been used only 4 times in Watchtower literature and the term 'lesbian' 11 times. 'Homosexual' 68 times.. and 'homosexuality' 142 times. So it seems they think the boys are at it more then the girls.

    Just my personal opinion. No polls. No scientific data. I think it just shows how "behind the times" WT info really is. Among our "worldly" associates and those of our kids, I'd say the incidence of female bi-sexuality/bi-curiosity greatly exceeds that of males. And it's perceived as "cool". No taboo.


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