want to read a current false prophecy with 4 sevens as reference?

by waton 4 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • waton

    Numerology: find wt magazine, 2O17, 07, page 7, paragraph 17, a "7" four times in the reference for completeness,

    False prophecy: read it. analise the wording: WT predicts that the second death of "Satan" and his final followers will be finished by the end of the Thousand Year Reign.

    Now we do not have to wait until 3075 for overlaps to laps.

    p.s. Wt has used the same wording in many of its past publications. " at the end" "wait until the end" , not "after" as the bible says.

  • waton

    sorry it is not four 7s, a flush, instead only 3,

    2017, 08, page 7, par.17. but

    prophecy is due in 3075

  • Crazyguy

    Mike and Kim have a video about JWs being masons and their craft of deception. I starting to think they Kim and Mike maybe on to something. I believe Russell was a mason and the fact that this cult seams to be all about taking obvious things in the Bible and twisting them or out right lying or doing acactually what the Bible says not to do and then getting their followers to go along.

    Example Russell's first book titled The Time At Hand predicted Armageddon in 1914. The Bible clearly states don't follow those that say the time is at Hand or the time is near. Luke 21:8.

    I believe the guys at Bethel revel in getting JWs to believe and do the exact opposite of what the Bible says todo or teaches and then they as masons sit back and laugh.

  • waton
    do the exact opposite of what the Bible says todo or teaches and ----laugh. Crazyguy:

    and then, in one stroke expose those that call out wt errors and disfellowship these troublemaker, followers of Joseph.

    thank you. well , here is a current concrete example of it then.

  • maccauk

    You dont have to wait ALL things have been fulfilled in the 1st century. Its done finished over.Check out my youtube christians rising

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