Kingdom Hall for sale

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  • Lost in the fog
  • LV101
    Good to hear re/sale but the article indicates they are busy building new halls and have growth -- is this because they've merged with 9 other halls? Hope it's fake news and the JW source is lying to the worldly media.
  • Poztate

    It gets to join a growing list in BC. Here is a Kamloops listing from a few months ago

    Comes complete with a CO suite. Quite a nice suite if you browse the pictures Bet that brought a tear to his eye

  • smiddy3

    I love how they keep saying that the sale of Kh`s is not a sign of decline or any suggestion of money troubles ,but its all about growth ? and addressing the new dynamics of looking after their members /congregants .

  • alanv

    Yes smiddy, how can that spokesman talk about growth in the country. They have had no increase in Canada for the last two years. If they publish the figures that show that they are not growing there, how can anybody possibly say different to what the figures show. The article said As the church accommodates growth, some buildings are being renovated, others sold and some new ones built. Last year, 10 new halls were built in Canada with another nine planned for this year. Another 28 had or will have major renovations, Andersen wrote. He did not say how many were sold in Canada.

    This is how the Watchtower is making its money now. They sell Kingdom Halls and then build new ones with free labour. This is happening throughout the world and the jdubs are to brainwashed to realize it.

  • Vidiot
    alanv - "...Another 28 had or will have major renovations..."

    Ten bucks says most of the refurbished ones get listed before too long.

    alanv - "...He did not say how many were sold in Canada."

    That would definitely be more useful information, and the fact that he didn't mention it suggests, to me, that the number sold exceeds the number built or face-lifted.

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