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  • new boy
    new boy

    looking for help.

    I'm looking for all terms or slang used specifically at Bethel like "Jack" or "S R"or "Pot licker" ect.

    Thank you

  • _Morpheus

    Well new boy lets see...

    ”new boy” ;) was a big one

    gleaning (puke)

    g job

    you know what... i cant do this. I dont want to think about it

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    family night

  • new boy
    new boy

    By the way I need definitions too.

    This is what I came up with.

    “A Jack” This was someone who is a slacker or lazy.

    “A pot licker” This as an unclear definition but basically the same as “a Jack.”

    “New Boy” This is someone who just got to Bethel and doesn’t know the ropes.

    “Burn out or tour speed” This was a term that mean if people were coming through on tour you would work extra fast so as to impress them.

    “Short time” Someone who left Bethel early before their four year commitment was over.

    “S R” This is someone who is self-righteous a super Zealot.

    “Bad attitude” This is someone who is on the opposite end of being self-righteous. This person has some doubts about the Bethel system and is verbal about it.

    “Company man” This is someone who is staying pass his four year commitment and wants to make Bethel his career.

    “Having someone for breakfast” This can be done when someone leaves Bethel in disgrace, or has been kicked out for some transgression. The “governing body” will inform the Bethel family of this person sins with graphic details.

    “The family” These are Jehovah’s Witnesses who are called Bethelities the workers at the world headquarters.

    “G B” Or governing body. These are the supreme leaders of the organization. They are usually 10 to fifteen in number.

    “The shaft” This is what you could get when you are reassigned to new work assignment. In this case the new job isn’t as prestigious as your previous job was. You are obviously not moving up the company ladder, you are now going in the opposite direction. For example when I was at Bethel, Ciro Aulcino was moved from the writing department to the hand bindery. Of course his new job is still considered “A privilege of service” by the Bethel overseers. These same overseers will tell you there is no such thing as “The Shaft” at Bethel. This however is obviously not true. Just ask Ciro or Fred Barnes if they are still alive.

    “A privilege of service.” This any job they assign to you, no matter how lowly or demeaning it might be. It is your privilege and honor to work on your assignment. However for others this job could still be considered to be a punishment, if they put you there because of some minor infraction. Then at this point in time it is considered to be “The shaft.”

  • sir82

    Wasn't the process of filling up a tupperware container with lunch leftovers to eat in your own room later called "gleaning"?

    I also remember posters on here, from way back, referring to the practice of Bethelites earning extra money on the evenings and weekends by working on various projects for other non-Bethel JWs as "G-jobbing".

  • shadow

    hopper shopper = gets their clothes from donated or from cast-off clothes on each floor

    suits = big wheels

    hhh = hungry husband hunters

    aaa = available after armageddon

  • shadow

    dish duty = time you were scheduled to wash dishes

    watchman duty = time scheduled to walk or monitor some security zone

  • shadow

    mugger money = keep some cash on you in case of being mugged

  • sparky1

    I forgot all about THE SHAFT. When I left Watchtower Farms, I vaguely remember an Elder wishing me well and saying to me: 'Boy Sparky, you sure got THE SHAFT here at Bethel. I hope it doesn't cause you to leave the 'truth'.' (He was referring to my entire career at Bethel and not just my job)

  • new boy
    new boy

    Thanks guys they are going into the book.

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