Where there any cases where members should not have been at the meeting but still managed to attend?

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    No matter if you are tired, sick, worked late, trudging through heavy snow, or any other reason, you were never to miss the meetings. Missing meetings is frowned upon.

    I once went to a 2 day assembly with 2 wisdom teeth pulled the day before. My gums were still bleeding. I should have been home! But, being stupid at that time of my Witness life, I managed to sit in the back row at the assembly with gauze inside my mouth. Several times I walked to the bathroom to rinse my mouth.

    There was an Elder who buried his mother-in-law in the morning and made his wife attend the Book Study with him that same evening. I felt so bad for his wife who should of stayed home that night.

    There was a brother who was in a bad car accident the week before our Assembly. With his daughter in the hospital, he managed to give his talk at the Assembly and left after his part to go back to the hospital. Why didn't he just cancel his part?

    Where there any cases in your Kingdom Hall where members should not have been at the meeting but still managed to attend?

  • Biahi

    I went to a wedding of 2 Uber dubs on Saturday, they were at the Sunday meeting the next day. Even the elders looked shocked.

  • IWant2Leave

    I gave a Sunday talk when my child was seriously ill and would possibly need to be hospitalized. Blood transfusion would be an issue. Doctors had us monitoring the temperature and if it rose to a certain point, we were to immediately get to the hospital.

    I was a new elder then and it had been impressed upon me that you didn’t miss important outgoing talks such as this. I was so stressed that I began crying on the closing prayer! That’s right i even stayed for the WT Study!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    school for MS. One attendee had his wife in hospital dying. They did announce for him to approach the chairman during lunch break when the news came. I was nearly as bad, wife just home from surgery and I went. And the whole program was bullshit that could have been covered in 5 minutes.

  • Overrated

    On a Sunday, I woke up sick with a fever. My uber ultra JW Dad wanted me to get dressed and go to the Sunday meeting. "You'll feel better after the meeting!" I was too weak to even to get my azz out of bed. He went with out me. I was so sick I called a worldly friend that lived next store. I told him what I was I was feeling and what Dad did. We loaded up and went to the ER. After fluids and antibiotics I was I little better. My friend and I came to the conclusion that my father cares nothing about me, but more for the JW's. Reason 14 why I'm no longer one.

  • joe134cd
    This is a true story about a none witness guy I worked with. He was totally money driven and a total arse. Got married on the Saturday. Then on the Sunday was back at work because he could get over time. Hence during the brief period of 2 years that he was married. His then wife went on numerous trips overseas, and lived life to the fullest. Interestingly his father in law had also had numerous marriages as well. I guess all 3 of them deserved each other. I found out later that he had also been in a previous relationship that had strongly resembled his marriage. Sadly this guy had loads of money, both from inheritance and hard work, but was just an arse.
  • zachias


    recall a couple who attended a Thursday meeting after being married on the Saturday before.

    a family who went on holiday but drove back apx 100 kilometres to the Thursday meeting then went back to their holiday the next day.

    At the KH being victim to kids with cough, snotty noses and barking coughs.....often.

  • carla

    It is odd that when I have repeated stories such as these my jw does not believe them and says you apostates are just lying to make the org look bad. Seems to me the org doesn't need help in that department.

    When I tell non jw's these sorts of stories they think I am exaggerating.

    Hmm, you have stories that are so bad that jw's and non jw's can't even believe them, think it's a cult?

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