1000's of S. Korean Christian sect spreading coronavirus

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  • The Fall Guy
  • Fadeaway1962

    Makes you wonder what the org will do if this continues well into April with the memorial , having 20 million people around the world congregating together

    Just get the wine and cracker in

  • carla

    jw's use a common cup for their yearly reject Jesus communion, correct? I imagine each kh has a few who partake as the numbers keep going up. Would they consider using the little plastic shot cups like other churches do during cold and flu season? if so how many cups to they need? ha, they would be in quite a quandary trying to figure that out!

  • Simon

    There are going to be other nutters who think deliberately spreading an infectious virus will somehow further their group goals.

    Anyone doing that should be charged with the deaths of those who succumb to it.

  • Finkelstein

    The sect's leader, Lee Man-hee, claims he is the Messiah.

    So what he and cult cohorts were doing is making the claim he and his members couldn't catch this virus and become ill because they were protected by god's holy spirit force.

    Some more culpable delusional idiots like the JWS

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