Life DOES go on after leaving the witnesses

by DLou278 2 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DLou278

    Here is a video a made in regards to how life can continue after leaving!

    Would love some feedback!

  • scratchme1010

    As the one commenter (so fare) said in YouTube, you have your life ahead, and yes, move on. I left when I was still a young man, at 23, and I took life as a blank canvas where I could paint anything I wanted to. Choose the right paint for your life.

    Wonderful video.

  • steve2

    Welcome back, DLou278, you have a nice, calm manner and appear to be a young person than many other young people could relate to. Your plan to have a website for young exJWs is an excellent one.

    I'm glad that your video was under 10 minutes - I have a hunch that when people make their presentations longer, there is a huge drop off in continued viewership because people often don't have the time to watch someone talk for longer periods - unless it is absolutely riveting stuff, spiced up with some visuals.

    Also, when planning further videos, think about the balance between having a nice, friendly calm manner and presenting something to make it also a bit enlivening. I have seen many exJWs make videos over the years and the ones I am personally drawn to are well scripted. By contrast, I find it very hard going to sit through people who think out loud and become perhaps too ponderous and long-winded. There is a couple of exJWs from the UK who sip on their coffee as they talk and I'm thinking, please get to the point. Their videos are usually well over 30 minutes.