Supporting Waverers - Not Always so Great.

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  • snugglebunny

    Been doing some work on and off for a DF'd witness over the last few years. Dennis was DF'd in the 80's and they won't have him back. I don't know what his offence was. He tells me he's written to the congregation several times but gets no reply. I suspect he may not be married to the non-JW lady that he lives with, but suffice to say these two are absolutely loaded and live in great style. New car every year, expensive holidays, landscaped garden, all the modern gadgets. She's also disabled so nothing they do is cheap. I think she may have been in a car accident and received a massive payout. They're both retired and in their 70's although she could be in her 80's.

    They're not a likeable couple. Extremely self-centered. Probably no friends. He realised I was an ex a couple of years back when he offered me some JW dot whatever printed-off Watchtower articles and gave me his version of a "little witness". I didn't accept, I told him I'd been brought up in the JW's and wasn't interested.

    It's all very odd. The last time we'd spoken - before this week - he said he was on the verge of giving up trying to be reinstated and was ready to call it a day.

    But now he's given me some more work and it will pay me well. However, he's once again trying to get me to read his printed-off WT articles. I'm still saying no, not interested. I'm sure that I could blow his fragile beliefs wide apart if I got into a full blown discussion with him.

    But this is the problem. I think that if I did just that, Dennis and possibly his lady/wife too would need lots of support if he decided to quit the witnesses altogether. And as mean as it might sound, I'm not prepared to offer that support, particularly as he lives close by.

    I'm due to start my next job for him in November. I shall muse on this..and welcome any ideas.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I'd say him and his wife are too old to be hit over the head with the org's skeletons in the cupboard. They definitely wouldn't be indebted to you for doing so.

    Just leave them to live their dream - and pass away contented. Best for all of you.

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