The propaganda game

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  • Gorbatchov

    Just viewed a documentary about North Korea, on Netflix, called The propaganda game.


    - North Korean people have a Kingdom smile;

    - The Jughe doctrine is made that way that it can't be understanded. That's the strenght of it. When asked whats the meaning of it, the answer "Just look what we archieved" is fellowing;


  • redpilltwice

    You've made me curious. I certainly will take a look at the doc.


    "Just look what we archieved"

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  • smiddy

    I will look out for it thanks Gorby.

    That reminds me of a wiered elder we had at our hall who seriously stated " that you could pick out JW`s in a crowd by their Kingdom smile "

    That was over 30 years ago .

  • BluesBrother

    From the study article in a week or two's time . W/T Feb 2017

    14 Evidence of angelic assistance. The Governing Body today has the colossal task of overseeing an international preaching work involving over eight million evangelizers. Why has that work been so successful? For one, angels are involved. (Read Revelation 14:6, 7.) In many cases, publishers have called on individuals who had just been praying for help! * The overall growth of the preaching and disciple-making work despite fierce opposition in some lands has likewise been possible only with superhuman assistance.
  • smiddy

    W/T Feb.2017 ,So why are their many christian religions today that have far greater numbers than JW`s ? Isnt GOD blessing them more than us ?

    All religions can claim they have called upon people who have been praying for help in their time of need .

    Jehovahs Witnesses cannot and more importantly do not claim to be any more favoured /blessed by any God than any other christian religion and back it up with concrete facts.or evidence.

    And I will gaurantee any evidence /fact they provide can be matched by any other Christian religion.

  • redpilltwice

    Gorby, I watched the entire doc today! In the capital city Pyongyang the Spanish reporter was shown a Catholic church and being a Christian, he was allowed to visit the mass, but he noticed there were no Eucharist symbols used. The Korean hosts explained there was no priest that day. He was also told there were Protestant, Buddhist and Cheodigyo (traditional Korean) churches. That seemed to give the impression of freedom of religion in Korea, but the reporter didn't trust it and he supposed that it were fake churches, only built in Pyongyang to mislead the tourists.

    Intriguing stuff man! That country will always be shrouded in mysteries.

    Something you didn't mention (thanks for not spoiling the party ) was that Jehovah's witnesses, together with Scientology, are viewed as unwanted religions. So even a fake Kingdom hall would not be allowed in Pyongyang!

    I guess paradise earth under YHWH and Christ would be too much of a rival for the Kim II-sung and Kim Jong-il cultus of a perfect North-Korea.

  • Gorbatchov

    Yes, thanks.

    I think, paradise on earth (JW version) will be a kind of North Korea.



  • fastJehu
    14 Evidence of angelic assistance.

    In the german version they replaced the word "Evidence" with the word "Indication".

    Why does the german branch translates this word not exactly???

    Do they know, that there is no evidence for angelic assistance???

    14 Anzeichen für die Unterstützung durch Engel. Heute hat die leitende Körperschaft die gewaltige Aufgabe, eine internationale Predigttätigkeit zu beaufsichtigen, an der sich über acht Millionen Verkündiger beteiligen. Warum ist diese Tätigkeit so erfolgreich? Unter anderem, weil Engel daran beteiligt sind. (Lies Offenbarung 14:6, 7.) In vielen Fällen haben Verkündiger bei Personen vorgesprochen, die gerade um Hilfe gebetet hatten.* Auch das allgemeine Wachstum des Predigt- und Lehrwerks, und das trotz heftigen Widerstands in einigen Ländern, war nur dank übermenschlicher Unterstützung möglich.

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