Revisiting Australia Royal Commission March 10, 2017 Governing Body Dont Give 2 Sh$ts about Kids.

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  • Fabian1

    Hello everyone after my first post I decided to do my second post. Let me do a quick rundown of my past I was born and raised a JW , But I was never baptisted into the cult... Excuse me the religion, so am not a apostate, according to the channel of truth ( aka channel of Bullsh$t). There is more to my story but that is for another post.

    Back on point, with the Jws organization back in the public news and being discussed in the congregation , oh I know I still have many family members involved in the Trooth, but with all the child abuse coverage rearing back up with the Jws ( yes I know other religions are getting heat about the child abuse problem coverage within this year, but hey this is a JW site.)

    I decided to Rewatch I guess the second regrouping of the Australia Royal Commission of March 10, 2017, I guess the one day reexamining/ Reviewing to see if the jws fixed or Like the Jws love this Word ADJUSTED THERE SH$t.

    And within the first 5 minutes came which I believe is the thing most people i say most ( again my opinion) missed or just maybe just mention it. But within 5 minutes we Get Angus Stewart saying that the Governing body were requested to show up or by videolink in January 16, 2017, on January 31 Watchtower Australiasaid They were not available.

    Let's do a breakdown of this really do a examination of this bullsh$t being thrown out. So wait a minute these people aka the governing body who literally tape there Jws Broadcast in months Advance Could not show up or screw that or even open there Holy 💻 aka laptop or heck Stream in my there iPhone or Samsung phone. Really these ones again the guardians of doctrine who say to the jws to follow what sh$t they say and how they continue to tell people on there broadcast we LOVE YOU could not Tony The Tiger Morris put HIS FROSTED FAKES DOWN YOU KNOW THE ONE HE SOAKS IN HIS ALCOHOL. AND not show up are you F#$king kidding. These ones who don't put one damn word about the royal Commission on there Website. But when the Russia thing was going on with the Jws the same year the Jws were there with there 📷 camera they videotaping there getting the Jws to literally getting people to mail a letter to Russia using a godDamn verse from the Book of Jeremiah and tying it in with there letter writing campaign.

    Oh yes the governing body really love the kids, so I guess Jehovah did not tell Jesus and Jesus did not tell the Governing Body A$$holes to make a available March 10 you know so they could stand For Truth and Just and Show Jehovah's Organization was really showing up to show it's support to change for the better, again one Governing body member could have on the toilet and steaming in from his God darn phone. Amazing. But the Jws always say we are a loving organization and people again I know this request was for the Governing body members to show up still most I say most Jws either have no idea this happened or most likely not give two sh$ts it happened. Really God's Channel of Truth aka the Governing Body Are a bunch of No [email protected] And Dat is the Truth. Amen to that.

    Thanks for all if you read this peace and much love to all. This is end of part 1 of my rant. Thanks Fabian Out.

    ( Ps here is the link it happens with in 2:30 mark to 3:45 mark)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    g'day mate.

    you got it all wrong. It isnt that the GB dont care about kids--its that they dont care about Australia ! They probably dont even know where it is--or that every one there is upside down. In fact--the biggest problem the GB have with Oz--is explaining how the kangaroos--and the wannabee's --got there from Noah's Ark.

  • Vidiot

    You're both wrong.

    The GB's concern is keeping the rank-and-file (especially in the US) from full grasping the scope of the problem.

    Because once they're there, it's all downhill.

  • Fabian1

    I think we all are all right.

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