Like the Org, a Proestant Store Going Electronic

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  • careful

    LifeWay Books is closing its brick-and-mortar stores and going exclusively electronic. It's also cutting back on its publishing in print.

    This somewhat supports what SBF has been saying as to modern WTS history—at least it's a common pattern. Bits: "due to declining sales and financial pressures"; "Our ... strategy for the future will be a greater focus on digital channels, which are experiencing strong growth"; "adjusting to this new reality".

    One thing they only touch on is the loss of person-to-person contact. I'm reminded of the parallel in Witness preaching: just make an "electronic placement" instead of engaging a householder in a personal discussion. Is much of so-called "Christianity" going down this impersonal path? How unlike the biblical pattern!

  • Vidiot

    And how many powerhouse "e-religions" are there out there?

    'Cause I've never heard of any.


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