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by Sabin 1 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Sabin

    Have you noticed how the GB loves to use illustrations to help every-one understand a point they are trying to get across. Well I love illustrations to. So here is one for your arses. What is the one thing that the JW's bang on about all the time ? Preaching, & the purpose is to TEACH. So the Borg is kinda like a big school, a.

    Headmaster = GB.

    Deputy head = The department overseers.

    Year leaders = The bethels around the world.

    Teachers = DO/CO/Elders.

    Classroom assistants = MS.

    Teachers pets = Pioneers.

    Pupils = Rank & file.

    Now the HeadMaster wants his school to do well, wants his pupils to get the best out of their education, the teachers to be happy in their work, & of course to get Government funding. He will also have fundraising days/activities organized so as to purchase better equipment for the pupils to enjoy & future generations to come. Whats wrong with that? I hear you say, NOTHING.

    However if I was to tell you that the Headmaster knew that his teachers were molesting the children, & refused to do anything about it because the reputation of the school might be damaged & they might lose that Government funding. Plus some parents may pull their kid's out. What would you say to that. What would the public say? what would the Government say? What would the RAC say?. I bet if you were to tell a JW about such a School they would quickly condem that Headmaster & his teachers & in doing so would be condemning the GB & the Borg, because really don't they just fit that description.

  • talesin

    That's a great analogy. I always likened their structure to a plantation (owner, slave overseer, slaves), but it wouldn't fit with the abuse part. Yours is much better. xx

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