The Big Sick - movie discussion

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  • traveb

    I watched this movie recently, which is about a Pakistani immigrant living in Chicago who falls in love with a white woman. I was struck by the similarities to the JW culture when the main character experiences trials with his traditional Muslim family. Essentially, he is shunned and his parents refuse to talk to him. It might make for an interesting conversation with a JW, and possibly assist them to start questioning their own faith. You never know what small things can trigger a person to start thinking!

    Overall, it was an entertaining movie and I highly recommend it. It's available to stream for free on Amazon Prime (in the U.S anyway).

  • exjwlemming

    One big exception though, all the other Muslims will not cut off the parents if they do have a relationship with their unbelieving and non practicing son. JWs are much worse.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    I saw this movie this past summer and it definitely touched my heart, especially because I currently face a very similar situation. Watching the movie made me see how similar the Witnesses are to Islamic beliefs. Especially the way they just cut you off. It could be the person who gave birth to you that will coldly tell you “You are not my son anymore.”

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