JW girl trafficked?

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  • neat blue dog
  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    I noticed a comment on the GO fund me page for this tragedy. The jw thinks they are comforting the mother by saying, Jehovah fortifies you in times like this. I recall being taught the delusion that Jehovah would protect us from something like this, but ever since 9-11 they have changed their tune on what type of alleged protection we can expect from Jehovah. Only spiritual, they say. Well that isn't even true, because when I started to delve into the TTATT, I fervently prayed for spiritual guidance that NEVER happened. The fact is that this mother needs physical money to hire a proper PI and does not need to hear from a

    JW that Jehovah will fortify you. Sorry ppl- morning rant

  • tiki

    Religion doesn't matter...this is a horrid crime if she truly was kidnapped for sex trafficking......but in a way worse because her religion hasn't given her access to reality..the whole situation has got to be worse than devastating for an innocent sheltered little witness girl....I hope she is found safe...and she'll need a lot of psychiatric help to get through the trauma...poor little thing...

  • Simon

    It's good to see the US getting much tougher on these kinds of crimes - there really does need to be a concerted effort by all civilized countries to stamp out this crap instead of supporting it with ill-conceived polices.

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