JW website speaks with forked-tongue!

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I put this under the "Scandal" section because it is both a scandal how the WTBTS can flaunt its evil hypocrisy and an even bigger scandal that the U.N. and governments in general turn a blind eye to the treatment inflicted on anyone who questions or challenges the org's teachings and practices.

    "The right to change religions is supported by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the United Nations has called “the foundation of international human rights law.”......Of course, these rights carry with them the obligation to respect the rights of others both to maintain their beliefs and to reject ideas that they disagree with."


  • darkspilver
  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    A considerable amount of new forum members and lurking J.W.'s who haven't officially signed up will not have seen that discussion. It's good to repeat some previous posts in order to benefit such ones, as well as potential J.W. recruits. The JW web page is still prominent - let's do the same with our shaming them for it.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Oh yes! They are truly mendacious. They are condemned by their own bible which says at Psalm 12:2...

    "Untruth they keep speaking one to the other; With a smooth lip they keep speaking even with a double heart."

    Their "pushing ahead" to project themselves into congregations is revelatory of this and their lack of competence.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    Yes, masters at hypocrisy indeed!

  • pbrow

    The dubs certainly do not support your changing religion but they sure as fuck allow it. They have no other choice. I seem to remember very clearly being able to leave of my own free will when I wanted to. (I was born-in)

    Dubs respect your right to leave. What else can they do? Stop you from leaving? The problem is you do not respect their right to not talk to you if they do not want to. I understand first hand what this implies, but make no mistake.... NO ONE has to talk to you if they do not want to.

    When they violate the law, ie... the blood issue and children.. then prosecute them. But freedom of speech and freedom of religion allow for people to choose fucked up religions. Such is life.


  • punkofnice

    Theocratic warfare(tm) AKA telling blatant lies to trick people into joining the WBT$, is still alive and well, I see.

    More proof that it's a scamming cult and nothing more.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    pbrow - Everyone has a right and freedom to choose whether or not to speak to another individual/member of their family, but that right is a world away from being people being compelled and terrorised not to, by an organization's threats.

    It's time governments dealt with such systemic human rights violations.

  • darkspilver

    The Fall Guy: A considerable amount of new forum members and lurking J.W.'s who haven't officially signed up will not have seen that discussion.

    And of course even you've only been a forum member here for four months..... that's which is why I linked to the fairly in depth and interesting discussion that Alexandra James had put a lot of time and effort into producing.

    Especially as I know you appreciate the benefit we can get from re-reading those forum posts and perhaps using them to expand on the thoughts and principles that they contain in our own discussions on 'current' threads.

    The Fall Guy: It's good to see different perspectives on certain topics - past and present - and also to highlight them as you have done. I reckon that most newbies are like me and have not researched historical posts here, unless cited or quoted by others. To use an old org mantra - "repetition for emphasis" - I think it would be beneficial for such ones to read some of those posts which you previously listed, as well as some other ones.

  • pbrow

    Fall guy... you are correct. Everyone has a right to choose. My grandmother and lifelong friends CHOOSE not to talk to me. They do not have a gun pointed to their heads. THEY value THEIR belief over the value of talking to me. Oh fucking well.

    I agree that shunning is systemic in that dubs as a group of individual people believe not talking to you will help you come back to jah. What are you going to do? Force a group of people to not believe something?

    "Hello, I am Agent Smith from the Federal Belief Enforcement Agency.... you can no longer believe that not talking to your son will help him to come back to your precious jah"

    or try this one...

    "Hello Mr Lett, I am Agent Johnson from the Federal Belief Crafting So As Not To Be Offensive Agency, we are going to help you with your understanding of bible principles so as not to have a policy that teaches people to not talk to their family or friends who have left your church"

    Sounds pretty fucked up right? As a US citizen I will take the benefits and consequences of freedom of religion/thought over my government trying to dictate what i believe or who i can or cannot talk to.


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