For active JW's - Are you obeying the law of the Christ.................

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    ........or the law of the Watchtower?

    The May 2019 Watchtower actually tells you which one to obey:

    Page 3, par. 7 - Lessons: Jesus’ teachings cover all aspects of life. So the law of the Christ governs what we do....We learn this law by reading the Christian Greek Scriptures [not WT litter-ature] and meditating on them. We obey this law by bringing our lives into harmony with the instructions, commands, and principles found in that inspired record. [not in WT litter-ature] When we obey the law of the Christ, we are obeying.....all that Jesus taught.

    At Matthew 18:15-17, Jesus didn't say anything about elders being involved when someone commits a serious sin. In fact, Jesus explicitly stated that if a sin has been witnessed by someone, the matter should be resolved between the sinner and the witness alone. No one else was to be involved - especially not elders.

    Jesus never said anything about Christians having to confess to an elder - let alone three of them! Verse 16 is referring to other witnesses of the sin - not witnesses of the accusation.

    So from now on, will you sincerely obey the law of the Christ or the law of Warwick - and continue to gladly share the details of anyone's "sin" with the congregation's S.S?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    Their explanation is that in this instance Jesus was talking about sins related to financial and business matters. This idea is made out of whole cloth and has absolutely no basis.

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