The 4 Bachelors in WT Mythology  leading to 2075.

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  • waton

    It is kind of a puzzle, only one of the 4 is real, but all have been mentioned by wt. I am ham fisted, but will try to re-post in a while. The line leads to 2075. try it, then read the quote.

  • waton
    Adam was still a bachelor at age 42 -and counting.
    Fisherman: since you like numbers, Another bachelor, Fred .Franz (who gave us 1975), would live another 17 years after 1975, to 1992. An anointed*** born in 1975 , overlapping Franz by 17 years, and living to his age, would die in 2074, leaving a year to finish the dirty work of Armageddon in 2075.
    Another bachelor, the king ruling since 1914, could then proceed with the wedding with his bride, the then complete "New Jerusalem".

    *** The possibly older-than Franz anointed was mentioned by David Splane in his chart video, and that overlapper of course was a bachelor (or bachelorette) at one time, perhaps even until the 2075 144k+ 1 wedding of male virgins.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    You just qualified for promotion to the writing department. 👍

  • waton

    neat blue dog, thank you, but I thought these days you need at least a bachelor (5) degree for that, seeing that they are so rare in the GB.

    I found it interesting, that by prompting from Fisherman, one can cover from Adam to Armageddon (and beyond) through 4 one-time male virgins; like the old-timer A-A h2h sermons .

    1) Adam, (before Eve)

    2) The king of 1914, (not yet betrothed)

    3) Fred. Franz,

    4) David Splane's Franz-like overlapper , ne' ~1975, today >46 years old , expected to survive to the 2075 rapture.

  • sparky1

    "The 4 Bachelors in WT Mythology meet the 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse"

    Sounds like a great title for a Broadway play based on 4 Gay couples and all their lives overlap.

  • waton

    and there can be sequels, because the wt to 2075 scenario is based on Adam, the bachelor. The reason 1975 failed (according to them), is, that Adam ultimately married the final masterpiece, Eve, and only that rib cloning started the sabbath.

  • waton

    Bachelors are huge in WT Mythology. The ' Sons of God", batchelors all, who did not remain chaste in Noah's day precipitated the Flooding of Everest. That is called precipitation!.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    When is it going to be ENOUGH!

    Don't they have to come for the JWs first?

    Armageddon can't come until the Antichrist comes and starts rounding up Jehovah's Witnesses first. You can't fool me. I've seen The BUNKER video. First, they create bunkers. Then they tell a bunch of stories. Then they're going to be rounded up and taken out and executed. (They don't learn until the end that Brother Brown was the informant, and then it's too late.)

    The BUNKER features a family of Jehovah's Witnesses who are rounded up by the federales and executed. Most are taken out and shot, but Sister Maria Garcia Julio escapes and makes her way to Iran and is stoned by the Elite Guard.

    All this has to happen before Armageddon.

  • waton

    Cold Steel,thank you. I did not watch the wt bunker video, or the ones you refer to here.

    for me it is enough to show by wt publication teal leaf reading that the Armageddon scenario is pushed to 2075, or even the end of this century. the really long bachelor party.

    If you do not understand the numbers, you do not really understand, even if numbers are numbing.

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