RIP Terry Wogan

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I've just been reading the sad news that Terry Wogan has passed away after a short illness (cancer). He was 77.

    I admit that I wasn't necessarily a fan of his but he came across as such a nice, decent, softly-spoken and gentle individual. He was also a successful broadcaster and presenter.

    I hope his family realize how much he was loved and get the support that they need at this difficult time.

  • Mephis

    I loved listening to his commentary for Eurovisions. And his pirate radio show MC for radio 6 was just incredibly funny.

    Hold tight HTML. It's the renegade sound.

  • Simon

    See seemed like a nice guy and I grew up watching him on TV. He was hilarious when he covered the Eurovision Song Contest.

    You know you're getting old when everyone you used to watch on TV start dying.

  • Sabin
    His chat show was a weekly must when I was a kid, it so sad to hear, you always remember people how they were when you talk about them, it's easy to forget that they are growing old.
  • contramundum

    I first paid attention to Terry when my car was out of action and I had no option but drive to work in a borrowed Volvo estate which had also seen better days.

    There was no CD player and the battered radio could only be tuned into one station - Radio 2.

    If I were the cursing type, I would have cursed the whole 40 minute daily journey to work . Where was the current chart music I loved? Why should I be forced to have no choice but listen to some old Irish guy chuntering on in the mornings? (nothing against old people, the Irish, or guys btw) Radio 2? For goodness sake!

    Inwardly I seethed, outwardly I glared at other motorists clearly enjoying a wide variety of 'wake me up', modern, soul refreshing music.

    Day 1 - I listened under sufferance

    Day 2 - I allowed myself a chuckle at some witty remark

    Day 3 - I begrudgingly looked forward to the next instalment of Janet & John

    Day 4 - I was won over

    Please forgive me Sir Terry. You brought gentle humour and lively wit to so many people's lives. The world will miss your sparkle.

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