...another "I" phone this one from apple..

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  • zeb

    Good grief thats all we need....

    These phones take so much concentration from the world about them for their users they are dangerous.

    I was out on my bike on a bike path and nearly skittled two teen somethings who just meandered out in front of me in 'convo' and with buds and oblivious to traffic about them.

    Not just teens either the Law here gives heavy fines for anyone phoning or texting while driving.

  • LV101

    Ahh, we do need an updated iPhone with better camera, better technology and it goes on sale tomorrow -- woohoo! This "I" phone is rumored to be the iPhone. Lots of new tech and better living thru science/technology, right!

    You are right -- all phones can be distractive and dangerous and it's a good thing law enforcement is policing for the safety of all. I've wondered how walkers/runners, cyclists, etc., can hear sirens, auto horns, etc., autos coming/going with the newer, smaller, quieter, engines when tuned into their media. I frequently see people using their cells out in traffic. It's scary!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    It's not that I'm unfavorable toward advanced technology, but the TIME and EFFORT and MONEY involved is beyond my ability to handle.

    I have an old Canon Powershot that works great, but the photos must be loaded to my ancient (ten years old) laptop before I can send them out. It's a bummer, sure, that I have to keep the batteries in with a rubber band. Small worry there. Not as instant as Instagram, but must everything we do be instantaneous?!?!?!?!?

    I carry several paper notebooks with me and write down needed info WITH A PENCIL. It works. The worst deal is my lead breaks. I carry a small pencil sharpener with me at all times. I am prepared!

    All of the above is cheap and problem free. Well, my pc is rather slow, but, then, so am I!


  • LV101

    Coco - save your antiquated items and maybe they'll become valuable. There's platinum in the cell phones. Don't know about the Canon held together with bands but possibly repairable. Folks love old items.

    New cells, cars, or anything is a learning curve which is not fun but feel it keeps my brain tech savvy - if that's possible short of driving my kiddo/nephew crazy. I've learned the meaning of "trouble shooting" and force myself to figure out 99.999% of the time. You don't want to know the friends (female, anyway) who buy a new car and are apprehensive to drive them not because they're worried about scrapes/scratches but all the changes to start and turn off, shifting apparatus, fuel saving mechanisms - all new technology. Learning to operate the new media system and speaker phone's gadgets is always an effort.

    You're right on the money -- time/effort/pain.

    Can't wait for new iPhone -- I've dropped mine way too many times and have been waiting for the new one.

    Old habits die hard -- you could keep great notes in a tech product but pencils are cool!

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Excellent analysis -- thank you! You state your points so beautifully and clearly. Speaking of points, to write with an unsharpened pencil is pointless . . .

    Best regards.

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