visit to the doctor.

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  • zeb

    Yes this am to discuss a coming procedure.

    I told him i want nothing to do with the wt out of the twistings and bullshit they put up at the CARC.

    'Were they (wt) involved in that?' says he.

    and i told him a very brief run down.

  • smiddy3

    So how did it go and what was his response after you explained these things to him zeb

    Care to fill us in on some more details ?

  • zeb

    The circumstances required my being brief but I highlighted the way the executive twisted words and accepted meanings while they came on all self righteous and were "the least prepared of any group facing the commission."..(the justice) and that I had phoned the CARC to correct the machinations and was well received by a counsellor there who relayed to me that "We have had so many phone calls" (from ex JW). Also I underlined my interest being formed by my own kids being abused.

    I am sure he is a very busy man perhaps too busy to look up the CARC footage but he has now a different aspect to the wt other than the love and roses the wt puts out.

    Thanks Smiddy3 for asking too.

  • Giordano

    I am at a loss to understand exactly what you are talking about Zeb.

    What is CARC?

    What or who is the executive?

  • RayoFlight2014

    Hi zeb,

    I'm at a loss too.

    I have no idea what that procedure is, but it sounds like it could be quite painful.

    CARC: Child Abuse Royal Commission?

    Hope you are doing ok and your procedure goes well.

    My father had a heart issue recently and he became delirious. But with patience and understanding and competent medical care he pulled through ok and has recovered.

    I hope you have a good group of supporting friends and family to rally around you while you go through whatever medical issues you have to endure.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, zeb.

    With care, RayoFlight2014.

  • zeb

    CARC/ Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Reaction to Child Abuse. It was initially referred to as ARC or Australian Royal Commission but there were other commissions of inquiry going on so it was referred to as the C as Child to separate it.

    The executive were the wt officials who were called to appear before the commission to explain the wt manner of dealing with Child abuse within the Jehovahs witness organisation .

    this is one part of it,

  • smiddy3

    And for newbies and lurkers not only was case 29 listed for Jehovah`s Witnesses but also case 54.

    And as of today The JW religion has not signed up to the redress scheme put in place by the commission / Govt.

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