Gay ex-JWs who were in special full-time service

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  • matt2414

    Are there any gay ex-Witnesses on here who were in special full-time service such as circuit work, Bethelite, MTS, or missionary work? When and what country? I was always told there were a lot gays in full-time service but it always felt very lonely. I went to the MTS and was assigned as a Bethelite and missionary to South America in the 1990s.

  • Confusedandangry
    Maybe trying asking on Reddit? I know I've seen several posts on there regarding that topic.
  • PointOfNoReturnVisit

    I live in the Netherlands.

    We had a circus overseer here that was gay. I remember him and his wife staying at our place for dinner or the night whem I was a child. That was in the 80s. I believe he was caught by another co having gay dates somewhere late 90s or 00s. Had been doing it for years. I saw him at the last convention I went to in 2013. Divorced, no longer CO and everything about him was gay... But he was still in. Must be horrible to never be able to be who you are.

  • fulano

    Do you mean our anointed one, St**nkamp?

  • matt2414

    It's easier to be young and gay in the organization because you are indoctrinated with the idea that everyone else feels the same way and that it's all a "choice." But as you mature and become wiser the feelings never leave and your eyes open. Especially if you've served on a judicial committee "judging" individuals who have same-sex feelings. I know the problem exists, but I wonder how many have found the way out and, perhaps, websites like this. I'll probably try Reddit as suggested by Confusedandangry.

  • Tameria2001

    I've personally known one young man who did a lot in the organization. I knew both him and his mother, and he was around 5 when we first met. Later when he was older he did a really good job at hiding it. While as an active witness he did a lot of things such as work in the literature department, carry the mic during the meetings. I know he would auxiliary pioneer from time to time, but I can't recall if he went into the full-time ministry or not, but his mother was a regular pioneer for many years. I wasn't around when he finally did leave the Watchtower, but I heard that once he left he finally came out. His mother also left the Watchtower about the same time. She had personally witnessed how the Watchtower had treated several of her JW relatives (no longer involved as well) and saw the hypocrisy of the whole thing.

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