Funny event at the Memorial celebration

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  • DaPriest

    For this award, I would like to nominate something that happened in Berlin South English, again.

    We all have seen people that try to disrupt the memorial celebration, and this is not amusing at all. Its quite sad. What is amusing is when the disruption occurs from within.

    An incident occurred once, when a brother was passing the bread around. Lets call this person brother octopus, because by his own admission he used to have a problem of keeping his hands to himself.

    As the bread was being passed around, in the front row you could see a struggle taking place between the octopus and some sister. I had not known that the was a partaker, were it not for the octopus's hands pulling the tray with the bread away from her.

  • Athanasius

    I remember one Memorial back in the 1970s when a JW brought her study. The study was an older lady, who must have thought that the JW Memorial was like Communion in some mainline Protestant Churches, open to everyone. I was one of the attendants who took the tray with the Matzos. When I brought the tray to this JW and her study, the study reached out to get a piece of the Matzo. But as she reached out, the JW grabbed her hand, preventing the study from taking what she must have thought was Communion. I don't know how the JW explained her actions to the study, but the study wasn't at the Memorial the next year.

    At another Memorial a JW brought this elderly lady, who was probably her study. Anyway the JW allowed the lady to partake. But what was funny was when they passed the wine, the lady drank all the wine in the glass. The embarrassed attendant had to return the glass and tray for a refill. No doubt the lady needed the extra wine to endure the service.

  • LV101

    What a crazy religion wasting time passing something around with only few partaking, if any.

    Athanasius - that's hilarious about the lady guzzling all the wine in the glass. Enduring memorials was something else!

  • scratchme1010

    We all have seen people that try to disrupt the memorial celebration, and this is not amusing at all. Its quite sad...

    I have come to have mixed feelings about people disrupting the memorial. On one hand I used to think that doing so is not going to have nay actual effect, other than people feeling disrespected and using it to play victim/martyr and claim persecution over it. On the other hand, the WT has had so little regard for so many people's lives and well being, that I can see how some people may want to hurt them in what they call to be one of their most sacred events.

    Personally I can't care less about what they do, but I have come to understand some people using that as a way of making their point. I'm not condoning those actions, but I'm not judging (anymore) whoever decides to do that.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Someone brought their bible study to one Memorial at or Hall. He was a frail trembling elderly man who was very hard of hearing. There were 5 of 6 chairs between he and the closest person to him so when it came time for him to pass the wine, he got up and teetered down the aisle holding the wine glass in his shaking hands, sloshing it all over the place. As he handed the glass off to the next person he shouted (as deaf folks often do without realizing it) "WELL HERE YA' GO...IF THERE'S ANYTHING LEFT OF IT, THAT IS !"

    There was much snickering to be heard throughout the hall.

  • zeb

    Sabotaging the memorial is in my view poor taste indeed and adds immediate fuel to the wt message that the world is crazy etc.

    You only reinforce their cognitive dissonance . just my view.


    I agree Zeb. Sabotaging a religious service is in poor taste no matter what the faith...

    That said, For those of us who believe in the teachings of Jesus and the bible as the inspired word of God, the JW memorial is tough to take.

    When reading of the biblical verses stating that Jesus said to "do this in memory of me" and the whole of the JW memorial is taught/instructed to deny yourself [and others] of Jesus. That always seemed odd to me.

  • schnell


    If someone disrupts the memorial and for whatever reason I am there, I'm not going to stop them.

  • biblexaminer

    What JWs practice is far removed from Christ. The event is supposed to be a sharing. It was meant to add cohesion to the church, impressing on the minds and hearts of participants that they were all to be one. It was to be done often, as often as gatherings occurred.

    They would share a cup as they would share their lives and their belongings.

    Why would I want to be in a roomful of unbelievers and share a cup.

    Why would any supposedly authentic "anointed JWs" want to be in a room where the public is invited, heathens and unbelievers who might drink the cup with me?

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