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  • pepperheart

    Now they are not printing between 40 and 60 million magazines a month what do people think they are doing with the money?

  • waton

    investing, buying real estate. If you realize you will not--" inherit the earth--", you must buy it.

  • DesirousOfChange

    My mother told me that the operation of that TV studio is really, really expensive!!!

    God needs your money!

  • scratchme1010

    Yes, they have a real estate business. They are making money from it. Just like the rest of the publishing industry in the world, they shifted focus to more profitable ventures.

    My mother told me that the operation of that TV studio is really, really expensive!!!

    God needs your money!


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    It would be interesting if someone hacked into the bank accounts of members of the Governing Body.

  • WTWizard

    Stealing it from the congregation while doing poverty rituals from behind the scenes. Those poverty workings are directed against the very people that donate toward their own damnation.

  • smiddy

    Anybody who doesnt think someone somewhere is not siphoning off some of this money has to be very naive.

    Just who and how many people are in control of all the money that the WT generates from all the various means money is coming from .

    Real Estate sales : Millions of $$$$$$$$$

    Donations from 8+ million members ? :millions of $$$$$

    Kingdom Hall donations ,loans ,Pledges , KH`s owned by the WT and re-sold , Gifts from estates ,Wills left to the WT,publications sold and bought by 8+ million members ,Investments ,Interest from banks ,off shore bank accounts ,and lets not forget the money kids forego their ice creams to donate.

    I`m sure their are many more money trails I have overlooked ,however how many lawyers , financial advisers ,accountants ,treasurers ,etc., do they have looking after all this money ?

    My personal belief albeit with no evidence is that sooner or later their will be a scandal where millions of $$$$ will be unaccounted for in the religion ,its human nature and just a matter of time ( if it hasnt already happened )

    I personally know of an Elder in a congregation who used congregation money for his own benefit but was caught out and he was under the hammer to pay it back or the police would be called in.

    He claimed he had every intention to pay it back when his deal was finalised .

    You dont think JW`s can do such things ?

    Check out crimes committed by Jehovahs Witnesses ,every crime you can think of has been committed by good standing Jehovahs Witnesses.

  • Nevuela

    What money? The magazines are free.

  • smiddy

    Your showing your ignorance here Nevuela , or are you a troll ?

    just asking.

  • shepherdless

    On an earlier thread, I argued that halving the number of pages printed doesn't halve the cost.

    I note from the financial statements of WTBTS Britain that the line item "producing and distributing Bible literature" dropped from £13,811,638 in 2014 to £11,181,391 in 2015. I imagine the corresponding figure from USA is probably of the order of 10 times that.

    The above savings amount to about 6% of overall expenditure in the WTBTS Britain accounts.

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