"by their fruits you will know them."

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  • stillin

    You would think that the adherents of the world's only true religion would also be the best people in the world. The Witnesses use the words "cultivate godly qualities" like a mantra, over and over. The believers feel that their attendance at meetings and their field service put them in line to gain God's favor as exceptional people.

    The problem is that they aren't. There are plenty of kind, caring, generous, principled people in the world whose qualities way outshine the Witness's. I'm referring to people who actually go out of their way to serve their fellow-man with a view to the present and the future. On a large scale and in their own neighborhoods.

    The Witnesses put those efforts down, trivializing the efforts by saying things like, "they are shoveling coal to keep the engines running on a sinking ship." Or, " their motives are not pure. They want to make a name for themselves."

    But the Witnesses are forbidden to associate with "worldly" people, so they will likely never meet any of these good people.

  • john.prestor

    Man that ship's been sailing fine for like 150 years, what do they mean sinking? The only thing I see sinking is attendance and donations.

  • atomant

    Does this mean ( by their fruits you will know them) if l see people carrying many different kinds of fruits like oranges apples pears bananas grapes watermelon lemons or even exotic fruits like durian kiwano mangosteen kumquat rambutan or lastly miracle fruit should l stop and ask if they are a jehovahs witness?

  • Finkelstein

    Some of the most shittiest deplorable people I've known were JWS. ...... fact

    Yet they try to make themselves the most wholesome and righteous.

    Ive seen a lot of duel personalities in JWS, the one you see at the Kingdom Halls and the one you see outside of them.

  • stillin

    Atomant, I still do that. If there is a person that seems to be "acting like a Jehovah's Witness" I wonder if he or she might be one. But it usually is not something like humility or kindness or honesty, it's usually some one of the cult behaviors like not toasting or saying god bless you or happy new year.

  • smiddy3

    Just look at the Governing Body members on JW.Org ,do you see humble meek like people or do you see arrogant , smug,,puffed up with pride individuals ,who have tailor maid suits ,pinky rings ,and designer watches on.

    Who travel around the world on flights giving talks at conventions all on donated monies from the rank & file.

    2Thes.3:10 b "If anyone does not want to work neither let him eat" G.B. members are parasites /spongers living off of the generosity of the every day ,average JW who donates to the worldwide Kingdom work and a good percentage of that money contributes to the luxury life style that the GB members enjoy at there new headquarters in America.

    While many of their sheep like JW people are living in near poverty around the rest of the world .

    Especially 3rd world countries

  • atomant

    That's right smiddy3 stick it to em bro. The pinky ring gets me every time. l thought that's something only a child would wear.

  • WTWizard

    Going to all the boasting sessions and in field circus all the time doesn't make one any better. Most of them are judgmental--to the point of being offended if someone as much as tastes pumpkin pie or eggnog. They also criticize anyone for the horrible sin of buying a video game (or even a simple ice cream cone) instead of giving it toward the enslavement of the whole planet.

    To me, is it worse to commit a sex sin (fornication or adultery, or homosexuality) or to waste a bit of money on a scratch-off, or to work tirelessly toward enslaving the whole planet? I think it is worse to work toward enslaving the whole planet. Do those who attend all the boasting sessions and waste all their time in field circus think so?

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