God's Kingdom Rules & other publications...Have you noticed ????

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  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I was just doing my midweek studying...reading God's Kingdom Rules book...so far has anyone noticed many of the stories mention Australia. Page 73 A momentous convention...A convention was held in July of 1931 & it was transmitted via more than 450 radio stations in Australia, etc....They seem to mention Australia more & more in The WT, books, etc. This is a set-up...keep on watch...this book is being studied at this time for a reason...how timely. I think they want to win our sympathy when the ARC comes out...they are laying the ground work.

    The exposure is all out in Australia, but not USA...wonder why not...could ORG. be paying off the media to keep it out. Are one of the GB's a pedophile ? & they are trying to get rid of him before the story hits & then the org. can say, don't worry, we know & we did something about it...but what they are not getting or don't want to get is this...why weren't any of this cases not reported to the police? That is the real question that they don't want to address. Because they'll have to come clean & say...We were told not to tell the police, then the next question is who told you ? Now, this is where they will be painted into a corner...since the org. is directed by God...they will have to say....God told us...then they would have to prove it from the bible...they are scrambling to find that scripture...they won't since Jesus put an end to the law...

    If God is involved in this...he is taking the org. down little by little just like those clay shoes the org. talks about...to expose the org all at once, many of the friends would go nuts. For many this is all they know & all they want to know. Most are hanging on by a thread. So again, if God is involved in this, he won't pull the rug from the friends that fast....just a little at time...

    So just pay attention...why don't the aussies call us in the USA & tell us what is up ?


  • steve2

    I get your point about the frequent references to Australia. But your speculation about the Governing Body (e.g., "Are one of the GB's a pedophile?") is gratuitous. In my opnion, unless you have actual evidence, best to keep this level of speculation to yourself and not spread it on social media. It's the very thing JWs often accuse ex-JWs of doing.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Mrs. Searcher asked me yesterday why we're not hearing from ex/J.W.'s on this site how the congregations in Australian have reacted to the A.R.C.

    Is there a lot of murmuring/upset at what was revealed publicly? Be interesting to hear.

  • tor1500

    @Steve 2,

    I got your point. You make good sense...I'll watch it from now on...but to be more real than right...doesn't the society speculate on some of their doctrine, that's why they say "The light is getting brighter" But again...I'll be more careful. Thanks for the reply.


  • skin

    God's Kingdom Rules book was first published in 2014, wasn't the ARC in 2015?

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