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  • SloppyMcFloppy
    Does anybody know if the activist group Anonymous was actually trying to get/hack the list of paedophiles off the WTBTS data base? There was an article in 2012 talking about them targeting the list. How awesome would it be to expose over 23000 paedophiles in the Org!! Maybe it was just a hoax article? I would imagine this would be quite devastating to the borg. How can people inside the org. not give up this information and make it public? I think it makes them just as guilty by hidding such info!! Thoughts?
  • Vidiot

    "Anonymous" supposedly declared cyber-war on the WTS.

    There seemed to be a few ripples, but ultimately, nothing happened.

  • SloppyMcFloppy

    I still hope somebody will come forward with the info from inside cause it bothers their conscious. Probably wishful thinking.......

  • brandnew
    The Governing Ass Wipes , could easily just pass over that info to the proper authorities. But the would rather hide, and protect all them ugly, child molesting, pieces of shit. They are sharing the guilt, maybe a few of them are on that list..💥
  • joe134cd
    I would say that type of information would be stored on a hard drive solely for the purpose of pedophilia. This wouldn't be hooked up to the internet and would have security. If it ever did get exposed it would probably have to be an inside job at a very senior level. Just my thoughts.
  • Simon

    The WTS is incapable of investigating such serious complaints / accusations either to establish the guilt or innocence of those involved. I think blindly publishing an unconfirmed list of people would be completely irresponsible both for any wrongly accused and any victims who could be identified as a result.

    IMO any such list should be handed over to the proper authorities who can ensure the proper prosecutions are brought where appropriate.

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