Watchtower HATES being compared to Catholic Church - but if the shoe fits...

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  • Zoos

    Remember this?

    Well how about THIS?

  • bohm
    Where is the last picture from? is that before or after a convention?!
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Since the sign says MK Dons it must be the Milton Keynes Bowl in the English Midlands. I hope this is during the peak attendance of the public talk...

    But yes the WT derides the Catholic Church but secretly admires its confident authority. It thinks: if only the brothers and sisters would slavishly follow and contribute like the Catholics do.

    As for public exposure I think they should copy the papacy and parade around the assembly sites, all seven of them waving to the crowd in a pink Mr Whippy ice-cream van. The Pope after all manages to look like he is frozen in a block of ice.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I think the WT has a love-hate relationship with the Catholic Church.

    They secretly love the CC because they envy how much money, power and members the CC has.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes LoveUni, envy is the right word since the Catholic Church even by its very name is the archetypal establishment religion.

    The Watchtower in contrast is crippled in its worldly ambitions since it can only remain a doomsday cult falsely promising the end of Catholicism and all those who do not believe in the paranoid JW doctrine.

  • Zoos
    Where is the last picture from?

    i followed this back to jaw Archive and found an explanation that the hidden stage was to protect the speakers (visiting GB members?) from crazed apostates and snipers.

  • blondie

    Russell backed off for the most part attacking other religions; but Rutherford made it his life's goal; a Catholic judge had put the WT board of directors in prison supposedly with RC backing. The Catholic church brought an end to the WT radio campaign as well. Though the WTS for a long time identified Babylon the Great as the papacy.


    How can you NOT compare the Catholic Church to the Watchtower? Look at their fruits.

    The Catholic Church gave the world universities, hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, food banks, etc and is the largest charity in the world.

    The Watchtower gives spiritual food at the proper time and is restoring God's real name and now is the largest publisher in the world.

    They're like twinsif

  • OrphanCrow

    The JWs are Catholic "apostates".

    In the Catholic faith, an adherent that is excommunicated is prohibited from taking communion. The JWs are "volunteer" excommunicated Catholics and they display that by refusing to take communion - they pass the wine and bread right on by.

  • TheWonderofYou


    I remind that you posted the comparison in my thread about RC 3 months ago. Prologos than asked 2 questions

    prologos4 months ago

    OrphanCrow: are all Catholics served the wine?, or, just like the JWs, denied it, but allowed to watch the special class member ( priest) drink?

    TheWonderofYou Does not the Governing Body composite pope speak "ex Cathedra" too? Flag Dislike Like

    Concerning the sacramental wine.

    I asked the same question many times when I watched the priest cleaning drinking wine and then cleaning the cup in the mass.
    I found out that in former time in the churches everybody could drink his wine, everbody who wanted got it.
    The church had large vineyards in the past. The wine for the ceremony had to be a special clean wine, a special breeding. But then it became to complicated to serve wine for everyone, the catolic form of communion was not an annual but daily wine-drinking. Finally they did not want to spill some wine during the holy ceremony (a handling, technical matter thus), what then lately resulted in quiting the wine emission during the mass at all.

    The wine is now only drunken by the priest during ceremony, but if you want to drink wine you can go to the priest and you will receive it even today without any problem for a special occasion. Generally in liturgy the sacrament of host (bread) represents the wine as well.

    Anyway the priests are not acting like a special class comparable to the "anointed one" at JW,
    when they dring the wine, as y
    ou can drink wine if you asked the priest too.

    The church teaches that all christians are Priests and body of christ in the ceremony
    sharing the same fate of death and resurrection during the communion, not only a few.

    A well-known bishop said once that the "office" to be a R&F christian
    is of more importance than the "office" of a bishop.

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