Do you know what Atalaya means? - Guess who's investing the big bucks!

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  • oppostate

    Do you know what Atalaya means? Guess who's investing the big bucks!

  • Jehalapeno

    Just because their name means Watchtower doesn’t mean there’s a connection...unless you think Bob Dylan has a connection to the organization too.

  • TD

    As long as we're counting, I think U2 did a cover too...

    Their SEC filing says they're incorporated in Delaware under about 20 different names, but unlike a lot of other states, Delaware charges a fee to actually retrieve the documents.

  • respectful_observer

    No WT connection.

    It’s a NYC-based private equity firm managing about $2.6 billion. None of its books and records are stored at any WT-related addresses. Firm ownership appears to be mainly associated with various Neuberger Berman legal entities.

    In the remotest chance there’s a connection, here’s a list of their key personnel:

    Ivan Zinn

    Raymond Chan

    Robert Flowers

    Adam Nadborny

    David Aidi

    Joshua Ufberg

    Drew Phillips

    Gerald Cammarata

    (More details can be found if you search for the firm’s name using FINRA’s Brokercheck tool and look at Atalaya’s Form ADV)

  • oppostate

    Yeah, sort of like the Arbusto corporation didn't have anything to do with Bush, <eyeroll>riggggghhhhhhttttt!</eyeroll>

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    You should see what's on the DNC server about Jehovah's Witnesses. Whoa!

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