My thoughts over "this Generation" as a Jew would understand it

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  • Aleph

    I saw the video over the word "generation" and how you David S explained it.
    One thing for sure, is David doesn't understands at all how Hebrews sees and understands things.
    Let me explain...
    Middle Asians from antiquities, and Hebrews saw things, in a complete different way than Europeans are perceiving times and events!
    We, as modern Europeans, we see the future in front of us, past in our back, right ?
    .... for the Jews it s the contrary.
    How come ?
    Well, for a Jew they think past is in front of them because they can see it.
    Future is in their back, as they can't see it.
    Same thing for a generation.
    Generation are seen from the perspective of the people who lived but died until a certain point, not the contrary as Europeans sees the generation from a date of birth.
    Now really you can have a complete understanding of this when the Bible says :" the date of death worth more than the date of birth"....
    Again, you can judge not from how a person was born, but from what he had done in his life, same will apply for a generation.
    Also as the wt stated well that the things described by the "sign" of the parousia were chronological, and happening in a certain order, the verse that talks about the genea is located not directly in reference of the parousia, but in the text referring to the great tribulation. If you would have kept the same logic then it means those who will lived the great tribulation, will have known and understood what the sign was really about, and how intense things would become, as posteriori by living and experiencing this, just as a normal Hebrew could see and understand the things to come from what he will actually live.
    As a matter of fact, 1st Christians who escaped and survived the events that took place in the 1st century and who would have believed in Jesus, would have a full understanding of it, by living it, just as you can taste a fruit, the fig by eating it, not by noticing it just suddenly appeared on the fig tree.
    "By their fruits, you will recognize them", same simple thought here from Jesus, any child can understand that.

    It s the same view from the Spirit has when He guided David to wrote :

    Sit at my right hand

    Until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.

    Even in Gen 1:1, this is not an human thing to start a story by telling the ends.. .
    The perspective of the spirit, is not from JUST from its beginning when there was nothing, but by its plain fulfillment, like a cameraman filming the panorama of the whole CREATION, not only in the 1st day but as a whole in time also in space, with a focus on the results of all the beautiful creations from Elohim (The Great Creator) with the divine plan to accomplish the works of His hands, the physical Heavens with a special purpose towards the earth... who could weight how much efforts and energy was put in there just to accomplish this purpose of this very verse, if so much energy for the final touch of his finger, the humans. Now weight the love of God.

  • DesirousOfChange

    None of that makes any difference to them. They're just trying to blow smoke up everyone's @$$ and limp along until Joe Hoover bails them out on all the bullshite Freddy Franz got them into. They're praying for Armageddon to save their ass! Until then, keep selling the Koolaid.

    Let's review: It's a Cult!

  • slimboyfat

    Someone told me the other day that he heard from a Muslim that they consider 120 years to be one generation. I have never heard this before, but it struck me, because some have speculated 2034 could be a new Watchtower date (1914+120). It was a Christadelphian to told me this, and they have a history of their own speculations.

  • shepherdless
    Someone told me the other day that he heard from a Muslim that they consider 120 years to be one generation.

    I am guessing that SBF doubts that this is true, but is just reporting what he was told.

    Just out of curiosity, I decided to check this out. I actually know quite a few Arabs, who are reasonably well educated and speak Arabic as a first language, and I was pretty certain I knew the answer, but I thought I would check. I asked a professional English/Arabic Muslim translator (who wears an abaya). I first asked “how long is a generation”, got a strange look, and then had to explain that someone on the internet is suggesting a generation is 120 years, perhaps in an Islamic context. This normally friendly person looked at me as if I was stupid or something. The Arabic word for generation means pretty much exactly what the English word means, and there is no magical 120 years. Arabic (which is the language of Islam) also has separate words for “decade” and “century”. Of course the Islamic Hijra calendar is based on a lunar year which is about 10 days shorter than a Gregorian year, as well. Conclusion: bullshit.

  • slimboyfat

    Well I was at a discussion last night hosted by Muslim refugees at the Nurture Society, but I didn’t think to bring up this topic. We had an interesting discussion about religion as a force for good and bringing people together. And they gave us a Turkish meal, which was excellent. These Muslims are mainly Gulenists, from what I gather, so they are fairly liberal in outlook and in particular are very pro education.

    I don’t know where the Christadelphian I was talking to got the idea of 120 years in connection with Muslims. Muslims are a very diverse community, of course, it’s possible some segment of Islam ascribes some importance to the number 120. The connection to a generation seems more tenuous. The only thing I can find online is reference to a word qarn which can mean an age or 120 years.

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