No more Not At Homes

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  • DanShanks

    For those still going to meetings, how does your cong now organise the territory?

    My cong just give out a street name, orally, you are not allowed to write anything down.

    You also have to remember the DNCs. And then you have to try to remember the not at homes and do them again the next time you are out on the min.

    Not allowed to write anything down at all.

    Its crazy.

    Early days yet, but the thing is that the territory is just not getting done thoroughly.

    Its absolute chaos.

  • carla

    Early days yet, but the thing is that the territory is just not getting done thoroughly.- that's great!

  • truthlover123

    Dan: what country do u live in?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Don't worry big J will sort it out. (Not)

  • sir82

    You must be located in Europe, where the GDPR has totally gutted the door to door work.

    It's coming to the USA too. There are ?12? or so states (including California) which will have GDPR-like statutes in effect in 2020, and very likely more to follow in succeeding years.

  • jp1692

    Sir82, could you please provide a link to information regarding states in the US having “GDPR-like statutes in effect in 2020”?



  • sir82
  • Corney

    The California Consumer Privacy Act doesn't cover Watchtower - it applies only to entities that are "organized or operated for the profit or financial benefit of [their] shareholders or other owners", and entities that control or are controlled by them (section 1798.140(c)). See also:

    The NY Privacy Bill, if enacted as proposed, will apply to the org, but I doubt that the US courts will follow the broad and unbalanced CJEU's approach.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the downside is you could have dubs on your doorstep every weekend.

  • steve2

    Modern-day reality is that JWs are not covering the territory as often as they did even a decade or so ago. Despite what JWs say, the door-to-door work is seriously in decline. Growing up, car loads of JWs arrived to do the ministry - especially in the lead up to 1975. We covered the territory in my locality at least every three weeks. Nowadays, you'd be surprised how few go door-to-door -and that's most commonly older JWs. I remember the days when young mothers with children in tow went door-to-door and younger ones went door-to-door.

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