2017-11-23 Booking Hotels via the ibsaconvention.org Website

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    As in previous years, a team of brothers has worked very hard to negotiate competitive rates with hotels local to our convention venues.

    It was still way cheaper for us to book direct with the motel last year than to book via the approved website. The place we stayed at, 7 of the 10 units were booked by WT, we booked 1 of the 3 units that wasn't put aside for the approved website. Most likely all 10 units had JW's staying in so that means 2 others also booked outside this direction from the slave.

    Another worry is that the given password is your congregation number, once you log on they know where you are, then you need to book using your name. With this information they could go through the list and find out who is not following direction.

  • Listener

    Can't you just feel the warm Christian love they are extending by asking followers to co operate with them in blackmailing hotels by blacklisting them.

    They forgot to mention how much their commission is from booking through them as a third party. I wonder what the tax situation is on this. I'm pretty sure that in Australia they would be required to pay the GST and to pay tax on the net profit that they make.

  • Gorbatchov

    Nice letterhead. Ibsa still running.


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