If only the major news network would do a story on the watchtower

by nowwhat? 9 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • nowwhat?

    With the shit hitting the fan with all these molestation charges against celebrities and notable people. The time would be perfect for a u.s. major news network to do a story on the pedophile cover-up of the organization. Since dateline did a story about this 15 year's it would be great for them to do a follow up report on how not only have the watchtower not changed their ways but have become firmly entrenched about their pedo policies! Nothing will change until we get primetime national news coverage

  • punkofnice

    I agree with you nowwhat?.

    I wonder if it would grab the attention of the viewers that were never involved with the jobos?

    'Every little counts.' said the old woman as she widdled into the sea.


    Email Trey Bundy at Reveal News and ask him about it.


  • flipper

    From what I hear Leah Remini is strongly considering doing a series next season on the A&E network exposing Jehovah's Witnesses like she's exposing Scientology currently these last 2 seasons . I think that would have a great negative impact against the WT Society and awaken lots of minds regarding WT Society corruption. Let's hope it happens ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • waton

    There is a headline on little CBC Canada on the 2 pregnant witness ladies that died, bloodless in Quebec, and a minor one of a Victoria BC witness girl that was murdered, and now, 20 years later, the JW parents are totally silent on the wt hope.

  • tor1500


    I agree....with all these molestation cases being exposed, you would think JW's would be exposed as well. But what is their protection....Jehovah?????

    One of the politicians have been exposed from something that happened 40 yrs. ago. Many are stepping up to confess.

    On this site a woman did a video of how she awakened....she was torn to pieces after what she learned...I mean distraught...so as much as the org. should be exposed there are so many like her in the congregation....just imagine millions of witnesses having the rug pulled from under them...the Health Care community couldn't keep up with the meds., they would have to administer....Many would just fall apart. Others would breathe a sigh of relief they've been awake for a long time...but just didn't know how to leave...without being labeled...so like me many are awakened but just don't have the guts to leave, because that's what it takes GUTS. Not to worry about what they say about you....

    Many believe if they leave their is no where else to go...there are many non-denominational places of worship, you just have to search...most places of worship are places where you hear motivational speech, not too much doctrine. Of course you'll hear about Heaven instead of Paradise, according to other places of worship, if we are good we go to heaven and others go to a hot place...whatever, it's all about control...if you are bad, you to a hot place or according to WT doctrine, you simply won't exist anymore....trinity, that's nothing...a place of worship is supposed to bring one peace of mind....and able to endure day by day...

    The trap of the WT is the social aspect and having people who know you. You have a circle of friends, whether they are conditional friends or not...again, most not all witnesses are social misfits, so they have found a place where they fit...

    So, should the org. be exposed all at once or should it be like a drip...a little at a time...the friends couldn't take it...but the way things are being exposed...it just may be a matter of time....

    In our hearts we shouldn't want any harm to come to people, so we'll just pray (those who still believe in prayer) that God will do it his way (again, for those who believe). God sees the big picture. I know a sister that if the org. was exposed, she would faint dead away, the org. is all she has.


  • EverApostate

    My JW wife and I watch dateline regularly. I bet my wife wont watch any such Dateline, that reviews the WT.

    So are the Majority of JWs

  • steve2

    Unless there is some major-interest angle (e.g., involving a well-known celebrity), news on JWs is of remarkably limited interest to those beyond its influence.

    While JWs and many ex-JWs see the organization as a hugely influential entity (for different reasons, depending on whether you are still in), to the news media it is not that big a drawcard for potential viewers. Ratings matter. A major consideration in any prime time show is ratings which equal advertising dollars and profits.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I hate to burst your bubble but it would have little, and maybe no effect on most JWs. I recall negative newspaper articles that would be printed during large Dist Conventions and JWs just "wrote them off" as material that was instigated by the Catholic Church (which had a large diocese in the city).

    Others here have mentioned the Dateline expose'. Do you know any JW that saw it? At our KHall they made a reminder that DFd persons who were known apostates should not be believed nor ever given ear. No one watched it.

    Only after an individual is personally "ready" to leave will they investigate and find their reason for leaving.

  • nowwhat?

    Yeah come to think of it. When dateline came out I figured it was apostates making a big deal over a couple isolated incidents. And didn't pay any attention to it.

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