This Week's Catastrophic Tornadoes

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  • janusfulcrum

    There have been many numerous and destructive weather events in the last week in the US. Holly Springs, MS was basically leveled, and a check reveals a congo there. Dallas and Garland TX suffered greatly also. Any news of how the dubs were affected?

    Also, anyone want to speculate on the Org's response? They used to brag about being the first on the scene of any disaster. Now that the RBC has been fired, and the LDC is in suspended animation, do they even have the infrastructure to respond? Or, even more telling, do they have the money to mount a meaningful response? Might this be the reveal of the org's true financial status?


    My thoughts are with Any and All those affected by this -

    Please see this link :

    you will notice the wording under the photo ? """Jehovah barely spared Bro Steeles life ! """

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