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  • StarTrekAngel

    Been out on vacation for the last 3 weeks. Went back home to South America. I did not login from there, for once because I needed a break from everything and two, because I did not have time. Spent quite some time traveling around and visiting family and friends. None of them are JWs for a change.

    About a year and half ago, I came back from the same part of the world. I also came in here to report that I was shocked to see how the JW influence had spread down there. Today I am coming back to report that it has increased two folds. I found JWs in some of the most remote towns, near Bolivia. I drove downtown thru some cities where people are making 15 min lines just to get in a bus and the JWs are there taking advantage of the delayed commuters. Preaching carts in every pedestrian street (streets that are closed to car traffic but allow pedestrian traffic only are very common in South America, they are usually lined up with shops). I also saw houses, very small and likely unfit for a real meeting, converted into KHs. (so much for the equalization created by the new fund)

    I am telling you folks, must of us have heard that there is real growth happening in Latin America, but one thing is to hear it and another one to witness it (no pun intended). We need real good quality material, like that of JWfacts and JWsurvey, in Spanish. I already submitted several offers to translate. I know there are sites in Spanish out there but, as far as I can see, none of them are of the quality of the above. On top of that, the lack of visitors makes them low in the search engine rankings. If a site that is better ranked had a Spanish version, chances are more people would find it.

  • Listener

    It's wonderful that you had a lovely vacation together and took the opportunity to reflect on things.

  • WingCommander

    I was in Peru this time last year. I saw ZERO JW's in Lima, Cuzco, etc. Furthermore, our guide told us that people are very accustom to the Catholic Church, as they provide many services and charity, while the JW's, SDA's, and Mormon's do ZILCH, and only seem to want $$$$. Not everyone down in Latin America is a fool. However, our guide's mother must be a fool, because she joined the JW's. I'm betting he's pissed!!!

  • StarTrekAngel

    I can't openly name the country (easy to pick me out of the crowd around my area) but is one of the largest countries in SA by area. This might be the reason as well, more people to recruit.

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