Sam Heard in April JW cult broadcasting says are you doing all you can?

by mickbobcat 4 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • mickbobcat

    So Sam Rolex had this months talk on JW cult broadcasting. It was all on how much is your best. Can you do more. My question to Sam Rolex is why not sell your Rolex and give it to the cult? How about muppet Lett, why not sell your rental property in Ga and give it to the cult? Typical BS from the cult telling the rank and file to give more as they suck the life like the leeches they are from the mind numb

  • WTWizard

    And yet, they expect people to give their ice cream money for this stupidity, and move into small apartments out of larger houses. I wonder how much that Rolex costs? My Casio solar watch with a crude weather station cost about 250 toilet papers in 2011, and is still in decent condition. Could this idiot sell that Rolex, and buy something cheaper?

    Not to mention, the time and energy wasted in pushing psychic energy into communism (which is already in progress, with or without their help). This means fully participating in all the boasting sessions, wasting all that time and money sending letters that will end up in a trash can, and eventually wasting all their time (with masks on, and vaccines are mandatory) in field circus once it is deemed "safe". Could they suffer more?

  • Rocketman123

    When these assholes who are sitting on millions ask JWS children to give up their candy money, nothing should be shocking to what they say.

    Fear, Obligation and Guilt equals money and free slave work

    False prophets make real money in religious charlatanism.

  • Vidiot

    What, Top-Shelf Tony can't pitch in his whiskey money?

  • Rocketman123

    The JWS religion was built up and comprised of lies, corruption, power and money being that is so its only the task of the top GB men to keep all that is working for them and in place to sustain what they have.

    The power and money is there so lets keep it.

    The GB top dogs know that the world is full of ignorant poorly educated people that they have a chance to manipulate and exploit, as long as governments let them operate as they have in the past they will continue on.

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