Lord save us from the Devil the Turk the Comet and the Fanatics 11

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  • barry

    Brother Matheson writes in a thread he calls Slippage. I thought it was something to do with boats but I found out differently. Thanks brother Matherson.

    In her day Ellen White [or somebody who read her writings and attempted to convey their meaning to us] witnessed the evils of using the organ pipes to pump out music during circus -style events. Now, we see it not only at the Circus [which we should never attend for it only excites the flesh] but also in church.

    Now in church , we see how worldly we have become. We have our sharply dressed preachers entering with their zoot suits, wearing their mafia -style hats. We see women with gaudy adornments on their heads, hats with all manner of artificial flowers. We see the fur coats, the costly array of gold and silver buttons, and yet we say nothing.

    We hear the organs pumping out BASS NOTES to the simple hymns, the low notes vibrating at such a frequency as to arrouse LUSTFULL THOUGHTS, yet we do nothing.

    How much longer will we wait , oh brethren? How long will the elder driving the expensive Deusenburg or Cadillac determine the direction of the church?

    My brothers , I even hear reports that GUITARS are being entered into the church. The arguement used is that they are like the harps of David, but show me one illustrartion in the Bible that shows David playing a GUITAR. This Biblical revisionism is shocking.

    This past Sabbath , our pastor even described how he and his family weekly gather around the radio to hear DRAMATIC worldy spy stories and novels, designed to excite the senses. I spoke to him afterwards, and he was without excuse. He simply hung his head in shame.

    WE have also made it a rule that our pastor must be appropiately dressed for the pulpit. We will no longer accept a two-part suit as being appropriate, but have elected to go toward the three part suit. Even in the summer, a vest gives more distinction to this man of the cloth.

    Better have some medics on call for the poor pastor in the summer months then. A poster named The Servent continues.

    Hello Brother Matherson, Read your little note on slippage. I thought we were to call sin by its right name, dont you mean 'APOSTASY', rather than slippage. This old man has seen the church in years gone by, verses what it has become today. Policy has replaced Scripture as well as common sense. Policy gives a group of individuals in the church called leaders authority over the laity that they would not other wise have, if they worked only according to scripture.

    What amazes this old fellow is that the more worldliness we let into the church[pentacostal, charismatic, ecumennical, services and watered down 'love', kissy, kissy messages, rock and roll music designed to get applause], the further we drive ourselves away from God. We are headed back back into the world and all that it loves about religious services ' religious ' indeed better read Gods word before its too late.

    It is my hope that everyone who call themselves SDAs will come to the task of rebuking sin in 'high places' along with its ' spiritual wickedness' and ask, why are these things happening/ The answer will be ' an enemy hath done this', Guess where they live and work [try the General conference of SDA in the DC area] .

    Now if this seems ' critical ' of leadership , then call me ' John the Baptist', whom I cant wait to meet in the Kindom, Problem is today, if you take a stand for Christ and the 'true doctrines', he has set down your an enemy of the church as it were , boy oh boy I must be in reallt good company. Peter paul, John, Isiah, Noah, Moses Praise God.

    I hope you fellas sort out youre problems but I do like the one about the bass notes, have to work on that one. Barry

  • mizpah

    It is interesting to read that the SDA church has its own problems with defections and apostasy. This constant procedure of splinter groups breaking off to form their own religions is part of the normal process. The Protestant movement is living proof of it.

    Many fundamentalists view the changes in society as proof we are living in the "last days" of Biblical prophecy. However, what we may be observing is the breakdown of our culture and society. History teaches us that empires come and go like people. They have youth, middle age and old age. One historian had a theory that the average age of an empire is about 250 years. If true, the American "empire" is in its "old age."

    It is always difficult to have a good perspective on historical events until one is well beyond them. Whatever the case, any one who is older than 55 can evaluate the great changes that have happened in our own society in the last 40 years.

  • barry

    Thats very true mizpah the SDAs consist of many opinions now the reson this particular one caught my attention is because the posters their seemed crazy to me and I couldnt stop laughing at the things they have said.

    'many of us are the people who nobody will listen to in the real world. We are ignored at Sabbath School and people think we are CRAZY

    I just cant get over it all. Maybe people here dont see the funny side like I do. Barrry

  • unclebruce

    Interesting post barry,

    Bass organ notes? lol! .. In my home congregation we had a young single brother with a very deep voice - everytime he answered a question at the watchtower study - you could hear sisters swoon and sigh lol... no doubt christian oppression increases sexual desire and arousal but I'm not going back I tell thee!!!

    seasons greetings to you and yours, uncle tathra

  • czarofmischief

    And yet, the Society once wrote an article condemning all music that had a pervasive "One-Two" beat, as it could arouse the senses.

    Been a long time since a one two beat could arouse my senses. Now it takes three shots of Jaegermeister and a smack on my arse...


  • barry

    A merry xmas to you too Uncle Bruce drop in any time.

    I forgot to mention about the title, It was a prayer used by the crusaders who were trying to free the holy land, they prayed for deliverance from the devil, the turk and haileys comet ive added the fanatic which wasnt in the original prayer.

    Also in case someone doesnt know the Jesuits are a Catholic order set up during the counter reformation hence the conspiracy theory of there fruit loops, but all the same I do like there spirit. Barry

  • mouthy

    Barry!!!! Just found this thread... Where you been??? I missed you so much...

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