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  • stephanie61092

    Hello friends,

    I was on he ex JW Reddit page the other day and came across a posting from a woman who has become a successful author. She was raised a JW in New York and pioneered at one point in her life. She currently writing a memoir of her experiences little by little and sharing them on her website. They've been easy and enjoyable reads and I am always excited to see when she has posted the next "part". I haven't seen anyone talk about them on here yet so I thought I would pass it along :)


  • jaydee

    Hey, great find 'Steph', thanks for the share .

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  • ShirleyW
    Just reading the first two sentences of your post made me think of another former JW who is a successful author and former pioneer. Have you heard of Gloria Naylor, who wrote Brewster's Place which was also made into a TV movie and she wrote some other books as well. She used to be a pioneer up until the 70's when she finally realized what a crock the Borg is. She was on the 25,000 Pyramid and won some money, but not the grand prize and all the nosy ones in the Cong were saying, "well, you know we shouldn't be on TV gambling!" She wasn't gambling, she was playing a game which just happened to be taped for broadcast and she won some money !! Plus the fact they were probably jealous of her winning some money.
  • WingCommander
    Yeah, I've been reading Steph's series on Reddit since the first episode. Classic JW upbringing, at least in the east coast USA style.
  • millie210
    Great link, thanks!
  • SafeAtHome
    Read part one, very interesting reading. Thanks for link.
  • arwen
    Really enjoyed her episodes so far. Leaves me wanting more!!
  • scary21

    Thanks for posting.....read all 17 parts. Book marked ...

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