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    Ive just come across a website run by Ted McMillan an Adventist splinter group.The group from what I have learnt beleives that the SDA Church leadership has been taken over by Jesuits and as a result the truth has been compromised.

    I planned to put this up a few days ago but couldnt everytime I try to read there stuff I just start laughing and my wife just said she thought I was going crazy over the last few days.

    For entertainement only,

    Ted McMillan says,

    An Adventist Jesuit is a Jesuit infiltrated into the Adventist Church who pretends to be an Adventist, The General Canference is chock full of them, and that is why we have Vatican Fags flying in our Conference sessions, thats why our magazines feature heathen symbols throughout.

    But how would one identify a Jesuit and here things get rather confusing. From my breif time on the site if one didnt prepare for y2k, reads the niv bible, doesnt beleive all SDA doctrine or is very intelligent would qualify one to be a Jesuit plant.

    Brother Matheson says,

    theWe do not accuse people of being Jesuits without knowledge, and we get this knowledge through the labour of our Brother Ted. When our Brother Ted shows to us that one is a Jesuit, who are we to disagree when we havent such knowledge?

    alas, he gives mercy to the erring one, even to the point of license. Brother Ted has demonstrated time and time again that those who disagree may state their claims, and words are preserved herein as a testament to the correctness of his final decisions. It is true that many have left, in fact, for a forum like this, it is clear that there have been even more infiltrators than faithful remnant who sought its cooling waters of refreshment.

    Writing style can also identify a Jesuit. Brother Matherson writes

    I am not being inconsistent. I am merely describing the way that youre points move in waves and back and forth. In fact , as I was reading your post, I realized how it was very carefully worded so that the sylables used were of different lenghts and rhythms so that it would be hypnotic and so that one would begin to agree with you.

    In fact, I almost began to believe you until I realized that Teds statement about the cunning of the Jesuits was taking place.You are trying to make youre words seem believable because you are a Jesuit and want to infiltrate and liguify the truth.

    I went through and re read your post, taking great care to give each sylable equal weight rather than speaking rhythmically, After doing that , your true identity was very visible.

    Brother Matherson gets a bright idea

    Since this place is a place of learning, perhaps we might be able to better abserve there tactics here , but is there a way that there names be marked with a 'J' or some other indicia so that the weaker brethren might be wary in there presence. for instance if we have a member named ' Joe Smith', who we have confirmed through Brother Teds methods is identified as a Jesuit, we might change the screen name to 'J Joe Smith'.

    This would be but a small price to pay and might save many to be swept away by their crafty words.

    One poster asks, Why not focus on Jesus and forget about all this conspiracy stuff,

    We are indeed interested in Jesus and what he has done for us. But unfortunately, as in the rest of the internet, many of us are the people who nobody will listen to in the ' real world.'We are ignored at Sabbath School and people think we are CRAZY. However, we can come to a place like this where we can focus on those issues that interest us the most. WE don,t represent the experience you would have in a church, and I hope you try to find one that is centered where it should be .. on Jesus Christ.

    Sabbath School is similar to the WT study. Please wait for my next post continuing on the same saga.Barry

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