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  • Lostandfound

    My daughter called today laden down with wrapped presents for all family who are coming over holiday. She did not say at first but she had seen a group of witnesses working the street. When the rebellion wen I went expecting the postman, but my daughter rushed first and told me to sit down as it was the witnesses. She knew I would be polite but not get involved but she opened door and two. JWs on step, one was cong secretary for many years when I was PO. Before they could speak she told them she was not interested and to NEVER call again. The former secretary was involved with the JC process when my daughters child abuse by an elder was dealt with. He, the abuse, many years ago, was removed but not DFd and JC was a complete shambles. Lots of distress for family and no help from CO or Branch. The abuser WAS DFd for fornication some years later, what an insult that was, abuse children, smack on wrist, commit adultery,, your out! Whole thing was so bad it destroyed my wife's health, I blame it for causing my brain tumour and of course girls life trashed. Our families ,sadly, put organisational loyalty above their grandchildren s well eng and safety. Needless to say abuse was removed but no one warned about him and I was clearly told to keep quiet.

    Needless to say, in. Time we all stopped going or being involved at alToday my daughter let the two at the door have it with both barrels . Reminding the former secretary how he let us down, how child abusers let loosin congs, how innocent warned off their duty of alerting parents to dangers posed their children, she went thru shambles of GJs ARC appearance, farce of the two witness rules, money before people attitude of Society thru GB. Changes in onc firm and positive teachings. She hardly pauses for breath. Finally she tole them to never call again as their organisation had caused ouramily so much hurt.

    when she came in she was fuming, but said she had to see them an not me I would be polite but not interested. So it was time for a celebratory cup of tea!

    At memorial time witnesses worked her rad and put thru letterbox an invite , she picked it up, found the rout on the street an ripped the invite up in front. Them n handed the pieces over. A sister tried to talk to he saying ho my daughters mother had been one ofher bridesmaids, ". We're where you when we needed help as a family and the organisation let us down" asked daughter. "Never, ever, put anything thru my door again" and she marched n.

    Proud of her, sad their calling dragged up so many appalling memories , we went to court and it was devastating, he acquitted but the JC. attended as observers at branchs directiothey noted he lied thru his teeth and had a clever barrister who destroyed my girls when they gave evidence, so much they had to be carried from witness box. Only good news was Social Servics issued an order banning him from being resident in his home as his wife and he had a young child.

    After many years he wrote to my wife and I apologising for his actions. Gave copy of letter to chairman of his original JC, who told me that he now disfellowshipped and branch directed that if e appealed his apple would fail as he Either. A liar or a child abuser . He not been heard of lately tho he was badly beaten up some years ago by unknown assailants. Wonder who told them about him?

    So full marks to daughter for boldness andfor recovering so well from abuse, she now married and has a high flying professional career. My wife and I never forgiveourlves for letting this man into our lives and doing so much damage.

    laugh just typed Damage (above)0n iPad and it changed it to. Drage! Bethel strikes back. Ron Drage for years a heavy in London

  • Lostandfound

    Sorry for typos etc above but hate this iPod, going to use desktop in. future

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    What a wonderful, gutsy daughter you have, and what a terrible experience for you and your family to go through.

    I hope and pray that I live long enough to see this corrupt corporation get thoroughly exposed and suffer irreparable damage for the evil and deception which it has inflicted on so many people.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    What you have endured is horrible. Really it should only take your family's case by itself to shut down the WT pedo-protecting cult - this should never happen to even one person.

    Much lovelovelove and best wishes to your brave daughter, i feel so proud just hearing about her.

  • Giordano

    Sorry you had to experience all of this tramua. My wife and I came to the conclusion that the WTBT$ and it's JW's were corrupt through and through.

    We refused the religion in our young twenties and walked away to start a family and a real life.

  • scratchme1010

    After many years he wrote to my wife and I apologising for his actions. Gave copy of letter to chairman of his original JC, who told me that he now disfellowshipped and branch directed that if e appealed his apple would fail as he Either. A liar or a child abuser . He not been heard of lately tho he was badly beaten up some years ago by unknown assailants. Wonder who told them about him?

    Your post gives me mixed emotions. First, thank you for sharing such personal story. It's very good that you as family have remain together and consistent in your stance with the JWs. Other abused children also have to deal with family members still remaining loyal to that bunch of filthy JW pedophiles protectors. I'm sure that you all enjoy the support you get from each other, which should never be taken for granted.

    The other thing is, based on what i quoted above is why didn't you report the abuse to the authorities? That filthy JW pedophile could be in jail and (if in USA) also become a registered sex offender. I know it isn't easy to go through the entire thing, but criminal charges may have been filed if the guy pretty much confessed to the crime he committed.

    Also, it angers me that the WT and company remains protecting those filthy pedophiles without being sued. As good as it feels to let those filthy pedophile protectors out of your home, after that event, they will go on and continue in their disgusting pedophile protecting cult.

    Life is what it is, it's never all good and never all bad. But it's great that you still have each other and see the issue the same way. That matters.

  • Lostandfound

    We did report it to Police, as you will see in post he was tried but not convicted, elders assigned to attend as observers by branch agreed he lied consistently, and barrister for defence destroyed my daughters on the witness stand so much so that at one point Judge sent jury out and then told defence barrister to be less aggressive. Whole legal process completely destructive. I was a potential witness so sequestered in witness room with wife, we not allowed to comfort girls when they finished evidence. After jury returned we were allowed in court to hear verdict, seats were to one side and raised above judges desk, he was writing and when jury returned Not Guilty verdict he hurled his pen across desk. At that point defence barrister rose and asked for defence costs to be awarded. Judge just said, "No costs and no appeal against that decision, jury return to jury pool xxxx free to go" and he rose and left. As stated in OP police convinced of his guilt as were SocialServices. His mother arranged for him and wife to go on holiday immediately. When they returned Social Services ordered him from home. Neighbours ordered family to move, as his name and address in local press, our of course subject to ban on naming by judge. We sent Police a copy of his letter years later but they of view that second trial legally impossible but they advising Social Services the ban on him being in home with children should be permanent. A point here is that one of his then neighbours was a social worker who found out about his danger from work, hence neighbours ordering him out, as well as everyone in street getting a copy in post of local newspaper that named him, miraculously. Stamps can be very valuable! CO told me I should not discuss matter with my wife, complete ????head. Family has survived with all children holding brilliant jobs, one daughter still traumatised and lives at home. Have spoken to my son and told him he must take care of zzzz when we are gone, as what happens in future for her worries me. Worry about house as on her home she could not afford upkeep, worry what she could do, in our Will all children share everything we have, but provided that zzzz can live in house for a number of years until the house is sold. No faith in any God looking after her.

    Thanks for comments everyone, this site has kept me sane.

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