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  • careful


    The quotation from the 1974 KM is good.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    You never thought you would see the day, right?
  • Khaleesi
    Idolatry!!!! Great!!
  • LevelThePlayingField
    I read the article, but I just don't see it as idolatry. Sorry.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I don't like the JWorg logo on the K. Hall's but I don't really see how it's any different than the Watchtower logo that has been used all these years. A lot of people refer to JW's and or the organization as "the Watchtower.", " Are you with the Watchtower?" " Are you those people from the Watchtower ?" etc. We didn't idolize the Watchtower or the Watchtower logo.

    They aren't worshiping JWOrg so it's not idolatry. They are simply using it to drive people to the website where they (supposedly) can learn about Jehovah, the one they do (supposedly) worship.

    My beef is that they could have used the Television medium all these decades to spread the "urgent" message, instead of having us spending our time and money trudging around from door to door, but they said it wasn't appropriate because it was too similar what churches did and we were commanded to go from door to door. Now suddenly it's ok to do as the churches are doing by making the same kind of broadcasts as they do from similar looking websites as they have.

  • kramer
    One if the themes or questions that makes apostates look silly

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