Child Custody/Visitation questions? JW Parent and me as the non JW parent

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  • Gokumonkey

    hello everyone, this is my fellow up from my first post, feel free to check that out if your unsure of the whole situation

    I have two twin babies that are now two months old

    i already to my ex to court, yes i took her to court and now im established as the father and ill be paying child support next week. no problem. part one is over now one to part two which is custody and visitation.

    i want to take her to court because i already know there is no way we will reach a fair agreement without court, she is selfish and controlling and I don’t want to wait and let bad things happen instead of seeing the problem and taking care of it right away.

    I want to have specific request in my custody order.

    1. She doesn’t celebrate holidays, so I want to have my twin for all major holidays, thanksgiving, Christmas etc

    2. She doesn’t believe in blood transfusions. I want to make an order as to when the babies need blood and both parents can’t come to an agreement we’ll have to make the doctor decided in the best interest of the child

    3. The twin babies be baptized at 16-18, not at a young age.

    4. Last but not least, we cannot be alone together while exchanging babies, my ex or myself have to accompanied by someone. Why? Because I tried to help her understand how I want to work out a temporary agreement but instead she yelled at me and called two court officers saying the I was harassing her.

  • berrygerry

    What country?

  • Gokumonkey

    this is in the united states

  • sparrowdown

    Sounds reasonable. Good to hear you hanging in there for the sake of your children cos it's probably going to be a bumpy ride, JWs can be sneaky and manipulative. Try to gather supportive friends or family to see you through this.

  • LostGeneration

    Good start. Make sure its 18 on the baptism, legal age you can sign a contract. Should be easy enough to prove to the court if she objects that bapping is a lifetime contract with the WTBTS under penalty of shunning.

    Get a recorder for now if there arent any people around when you meet (provided you are allowed to record things per your state law). If you catch her one time on audio/video melting down on you like that it can be powerful court evidence.

  • Gokumonkey

    thanks for the support and answer guys.

  • carla

    Get a good attorney either who already knows about jw's or one who is willing to learn. Don't forget you can find the jw custody booklet (for elders, etc..) online.


  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    I agree with lostgeneration . No baptism before age 18 . My father, who was not a JW, allowed me to get baptized at age 16 . That was a mistake.

    I'm so sorry you're going through this . It seems that you have a good plan.

  • longgone
    Please don't willingly let them get baptized before 18.
  • smiddy

    People cant drink alcohol under 21 in the USA are they considered adults at 18 ?No baptism till 21 is my preference.

    I hope you get a fair minded judge that takes your views into consideration

    Take care.

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